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mother777 - November 10

if you are due in december, january or february when is every one having their baby shower, and about how many people are you inviting?


DANA - November 10



shelly - November 10

I'm due feb 12 th and my shower is Jan. 8th. We're inviting about 55 people. I'm also having another shower at work w/ about 15


Taryn - November 10

I am due Feb. 5th and my mom is giving me a shower Nov. 19th, my mother in law is giving me a shower Dec. 10th and my work is having one on Dec 16th..


dew - November 10

I'm due December 29th and my baby shower is this Sunday 11/13/05. This is my first child so my family is going all out. My sister, aunt, mom and adopted mom teamed up to throw the most elaborate shower I've ever seen. We sent out 100 invitations but are preparing for 60-75 people (men and women). Although the father and I are not together, he will be coming to the shower. We both have huge families and didn't want to leave anyone out. What about you?


dani - November 10

I'm due Dec. 30th and had mine Oct. 8th, mostly because of the holidays. I had a co-ed shower with about 40 people. It was a backyard, bbq shower and it turned out really nice......very casual.


YC - November 11

Im due 12/17/05. I had my shower on October 20th due to the holidays also. It was also co-ed with about 50ish people. Tons of fun!


mother777 - November 11

i am having my shower dec 11th with about 50 people. i am inviting 60not including the head count for kids, but i expect 50 guests. it is being given by three of my friends. this is my third child but the other two are 16 and 12.


Shea - November 11

I am due Jan 12th and my shower is tomorow. We invited 30 people, which included work, family and friends. I don't think I even know 100 people.


mira - November 11

im due december 8th and my shower is tomorrow


erinsoul - November 16

I'm due Feb 10th and I'm having showers on Nov 27th, Dec.10th and Dec. 18th. The 1st one is my family and although about 70 people were invited, I'm guessing about 40 will come. The 3rd is my husband's family and about 20 were invited. And the 2rd is our friends and about 20 are comming.


dwc - November 16

I am soo disappointed, no one has mentioned having a shower for me. Of course I am never going to let them know that my feelings are hurt over it, I feel that would be rude and childish on my part, but it has hurt my feelings. My family seems very withdrawn from this pregnancy, my 2nd, due Feb 13th. I just may cry. Good luck and hope you all get lots of things for the baby. It does seem like everyone is trying to schedule to miss the holidays as much as possible.


Amanda - November 16

I am due December 29th and I had my shower on October 1st. That is just what worked out best for everyone. We invited family, friends, and coworkers but it was female only. We invited about 75 people and about 50 showed up. It was more than enough and we definetly got more than we needed.


Kendra - November 16

Due feb. 2nd - shower's dec. 3rd - invited 45


dew - November 16

My shower was Sunday. It was the best shower I have even been to, I couldn't believe it was mine. I knew it was going to happen, but my family wouldn't tell me anything but the time and place. When I got there, they had a chef and a pasta bar, cheese cake (my favorite!) my cake was shaped like a ba__sinette with a baby in it, they even had my baby pictures on display!! I couldn't believe how elaborate it was. I'm still on a baby shower high.


Dani - November 16

I am due Jan. 8th, and my mom is doing my shower Nov. 19th. This Saturday. We invited 60 ppl, and about 40 have R.S.V.P'ed as of tonight :) This is our first :)


k - November 17

Is it normal to have a shower for a second or third child? I've never heard of this until reading these posts. I would have thought you'd have most of what you need already. I hate showers and I really think that limiting it to the first child is more than enough. If you're going to have a child, you should be able to buy some of the stuff yourself, for heaven's sake. Why burden others? Don't get me wrong, I know for a first child, it makes sense, but after that, it's kind of silly. Just my two cents. Mind you, again, I don't like showers to begin with (bridal, baby, whatever) so maybe I'm the wrong person to post here.



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