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boolie79 - July 3

my hubby and i are planning our baby shower for the 22nd of this month, however i cant seem to find any game ideas or print offs off of the internet.. anyone have any suggestions or know of anywhere to get some print offs???


Deb - July 3

At my shower we played a baby food game. We got a bunch of different baby foods (all somewhat orange in colour), and took the labels off. We numbered the jars and gave each person a list of the different foods and they had to match the jar to the food just by looking at the jars. It was tough, but pretty fun. People got quite compet_tive! A friend of mine told me of another game that she played at a shower that seemed like fun. They had a bunch of diapers and in each diaper a different chocolate bar had been microwaved and melted to look like poop. Then they had to pa__s the diapers around, smell them and try to identify which chocolate bar it was. Hope this helps!


Mingill - July 3

Hi boolie79, I had bookmarked this ages ago, because it's been years since my mother hosted a baby shower. Anyway, I hope it helps or at least gives you some ideas:


tryingx3 - July 3

How about the pa__s a roll of toilet paper around...for each square they give you they have to give one piece of advise. I also went one where they had to guess the measurement of the mom - around her middle...and the one closest without going over received a prize.


carol23 - July 3

Or how about the clothespin game? At the beginning of the babyshower, you pa__s around 1 clothespin to each person and the rule is that if you catch anyone with their legs crossed in any way or their arms crossed, you take away their clothespin. The person who has the most clothespins at the end of the shower, gets a grand prize. Also, here's another one with a clothespin: You attach as many clothespins as you can to a hanger, and then you go around to each person and the person who can get the most clothespins in one hand without dropping any, wins a prize! These are cheap lil games, but they are SOOOOOO much fun! good luck!



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