Baby Shower Etiquette

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C. - August 16

Hi, ladies. Just wondering if there is any etiquette pertaining to baby showers. I haven't registered yet, but no shower has been planned yet either. I had two friends approach me about throwing me a shower about a month ago but nothing has been said since. No one in our family has said anything about a shower either. I am 25w3d pregnant today. Should I go register anyway? I don't want to be too presumptuous. - August 17

LOL -- Thought you had a question about giving baby a shower (bath). Guess not .... You don't have to have a shower to register. But it would prolly be good to register NOW and that way when the friends throw your shower, you've already got the names of all the places you registered and they can put it on the invites.


Ashanti - August 17

yes right now is a great time to rejister.


Maleficent - August 17

we only registered with our second baby. it was more a way FOR US to keep track of what we still needed. i don't think anyone bought anything off the registry but us.


Heidi - August 17

I would register now and maybe drop a hint to your family that you went and registered here this weekend and leave it at that. Maybe they have a surprise one planned for you so this would let them know you want certain things. I registered at about 27 wks and sent the invites out about 5 weeks in advance since it's like the last weekend in August and everyone is always so busy. Gave them plenty of warning! Not everyone registers either. Like someone else said, it's nice to just go in and see what you'll want and need and what we don't get, I'll have the list still and decide if we really need it or not. Lots of stuff I registered was nursery decor too that isn't necessary but people still like to buy that stuff.


s - August 17

c it's a bit too early for baby showers......maybe you could register, but most people don't have them till lots week 34-35...I just had mine last Sunday and I'm 36 weeks. I'm sure your family and friends haven't forgotten you.


CHEL - August 17

I would register now and let your friends and family know. A baby shower needs to be a couple of months before the due date and invitations need to go out 2 weeks before the shower.


Jennifer - August 17

I would reccomend registering now. You never know who may be wanting to buy you something but don't know what to get. Although I registered and recieved lots of gifts but none that I really scanned on my registery. I still got most everything I needed. Its your choice if you wanna register or not but if you do, you should do it now. By the way, my friends gave me a baby shower when I was only like 6 1/2 months cause that was the best time for everyone to get together.


Jessica - August 18

Baby showers aren't usually until your around 34 weeks, the people who threw my shower sent them out 3 weeks in advance(so thats when I was 31 weeks) and I registered about 2 weeks before that. So that was about 29 weeks when I registered. I would just start mentioning it to the people who you think might be going to be throwing your shower. Say something like I was wondering where do you think I should register and when. That may help get the topic started. Good Luck!!


C - August 18

Thanks for the advice. Will probably start to register in the next week or two. One of my friends asked about it today, so I think something will be in the work before we know it. :)


Wanda from NM - August 18

FYI, from what I understand, it is bad manners to print where you are registered on the invites. My suggestion would be to register, tell your friends, and when they deliver the invites, they can tell the receiver where you are registered.


Audrea - August 19

It is NOT bad manners to put in the baby shower invitations where you are registered. It is very common place now days to put it in the invitations so those who want to or need to know will get the information in the proper invitation. That is why some stores where you register give you a little booklet with little cut out blocks of paper that says where you are registered to include in the invites already made up for you. Very convenient so you don't have to write it down, just put in the little piece of paper with the invite. Why would it be considered bad manners? It is not like you are saying "I am registered at so and so and that is where I expect you to get me a gift, and you HAVE to get me a gift if you want to come to the baby shower, or I will be mad at you. Come on, I have never been insulted when given an invitation to a shower with where the gift register was. It makes it easier for me to know where to go and to know that I will actually be purchasing something that is needed and will be used instead of guessing if they will like it, or need it, or is their taste or not and not politely accepting the gift with no intentions of ever using it and wasting my money. If you say it is bad manners then maybe you should not go to a baby shower, or a bridal shower or reception for that matter if you feel it is so bad to be expected to buy a gift. You should feel priviliged that you are that close to the mother or father to be to be considered for the baby shower in the first place and you should WANT to buy a gift to help support the new parents, as a new baby is very costly and any little gift they get is usually so appreciated and not expected. Just you being there to celebrate the new little life is a special occasion and the gifts just make it that much more and appreciated.



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