Baby Shower For 2nd Baby 7years After 1st

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cayingo - November 20

Our DD is now 7yo. We thought we wouldn't be able to have any more so over the years I have gotten rid of ALL baby items. Thanks to IVF we are now pg with our 2nd child; a baby boy. Some family and friends want to host a shower for us, but I am worried about the "no showers for a 2nd child" etiquett. I don't want to appear greedy, but to be honest, we have nothing and are essentially starting fresh, plus this one is a boy. What are your thoughts?


Erins Mom - November 20

Go for it! Everyone is doing it anymore and it's not taboo like it used to be, especially with such a space in between kids like you two. I think everyone will be understanding. If someone wants to, let them. Enjoy!


Jilloh - November 20

Go for the shower we are looking at 7 years difference. Car Seats have a lifetime (expiration date) on the plastic, and such and today somethings may be safer. You're not being greedy!


January - November 20

My son will be 11yrs old next month and I just delivered a baby girl 13 days ago. I like you had nothing left from my first and the fact that it was a girl left anything I DID still have useless. I had a baby shower and as far as I know, no one thought twice about it. When you have that much of a difference between the two, I Don't think you have much of a choice than to have a shower. Good luck and congrats on your miracle baby.


Brendansmom - November 20

I don't see anything wrong with it! I don't think people expect you to hang onto baby stuff for 7 years. And given that you had fertility issues, I think people will be even more understanding. I say accept whatever people are willing to give. Don't worry about being greedy, you're not! Every baby deserves special attention. Congratulations!!


babylove4 - November 20

I say Go for it!!!! Besides Showers are fun.....My Family celebrates anything & Have fun Your Litlle Boy deserves his own party!!


sahmof3 - November 20

My older two are only 3 1/2 years apart and I also had a shower for my 2nd (well, my bff hosted it). I needed some stuff because my oldest was a boy born in July and my 2nd was a girl born in January! My 3rd was born only 17 months after Leah (my 2nd)... it was another boy born in July, so I had pretty much everything I needed for him... plus, with them being sooo close in age I would have felt a little funny about a shower for him lol.


wantanotheraftertr - November 20

Most people have showers for every child these days. I just had on for my fourth! He comes 13 years after our last and we also had nothing! There is nothing wrong with it. And if people are offering to host one for you then there is really no greed in it anyway! (not that its greedy) I love to go to showers and it doesn't matter 1,2 or 3 births! Enjoy it!


sarah21 - November 20

Go for it! You need the help, and it's fun for everyone. Who doesn't like going to a baby shower? My sister-in-law had one for two out of her five kids.


ShoppingForTwo - November 20

Girl you better go for it! One at work and one with family!! LOL. I've never heard of the "no shower with your second child" rule. I think all babies should get one :)


cayingo - November 20

I am delighted to hear all the "GO FOR IT" responses! Thank you for responding. Because of the nature of our baby's conception (IVF) it's been quite a public process, if you know what I mean. Sooo manyu people have been praying for this for us. I guess if they think it''s inappropriate they probably shouldn't be there anyway. Thanks again for the rea__surance.


Stephanie_31 - November 21

I am in the same situation but my DD will be almost 12 by the time this one comes. I am also having my husbands first child. His Mom wants to have one but I feel guilty because I have already had one. The decision has not been made yet, if one gets planned I will show up, if not I will buy what I need little by little.


reblurich - November 21

I am in the same boat. My daughter is 10 and we are having a baby boy. My friends at work have already thrown me a baby shower and my family is throwing one for me next weekend. I, like you had nothing from my last go around. We have had to start all over and on top of it all everything has changed.


cayingo - November 21

It's so true that things have changed! All the new merchandise is amazing. Of course, I clearly remember how we got it all when our DD was born, but there's so much not at all necessary. I will be much more selective this go round. We don't NEED all the bells and whistles. I am getting excited now about letting them host one for us. Y'all are right, every baby deserves to be celebrated. Thanks ladies!



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