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missy - February 7

Hi all, I am almost in my third trimester (26 weeks)!! But anyway, my mom and I will be throwing a baby shower for my sister-in-law in April and I was wondering if any of you had any ideas for games?? Thanks so much!!!!!!


amb - February 7

OOHH i have one!!! i just had my baby shower like 2 weeks ago and my friend cooridnated the games part. take a bowl and fill it with white rice, mix the rice with safety pins.. you blind fold a person and they try to take out the safety pins!!! its alot of fun!!!!


Beth - February 7

This isn't really a game but one thing I thought was awesome that my SIL did for me.....She did a diaper raffle. She asked everyone to bring a package of diapers (in varying sizes) in order to be in a drawing. Then at the end of the shower she drew three names and gave out nice gifts. Now I have a HUGE stack of diapers.


Beth - February 7

Also another non game (kinda) but just fun is to buy tiny plastic babys and freeze them in ice cubes. Then during the eating or another game..put each ice cube in a cup of water and pa__s to each person. The first one whose "water breaks" and the baby falls to the bottom of the cup wins.


shelly - February 7

At mine we played baby bingo where everyone is given a blank bingo sheet and fills in the names of gifts they think I'm gonna receive. As I open each gift guests mark them off and call bingo. You can pa__s out smaller prizes for that considering a lot of people will win. It keeps the guest entertained while you're opening gifts. I've been to many baby showers where they don't play bingo and not everyone pays attention during the gift opening because it gets boring, guests are going to the bathroom, smoking, etc. Also we played word scramble where you scramble up words that relate to babies and give guests a certain amount of time to unscramble them, you can google that idea and get a list thats what we did.


sparkles - February 7

Beth, that "water breaks" is such a cute game! I'm going to suggest it to my family, as I'm helping them plan my shower right now. shelly, my sister had the bingo game at her shower during her gift opening time and it really was a hit. The guests were eager to see what she was getting, as they wanted to win a prize.


mama3 - February 8

My aunt got a bag with tiny plastic baby items for her daughters baby shower. It had a baby, a cradle, bottle, blanket, dyper bag, stoller, 2 rocking horses, a pacifier, and baby powder. She put them all on a plate and past it around the room for 1 minute. Then took the plate out of site and had everyone write down what they could remember was on the plate. Who ever got the most wins a prize. You can put any baby items that you would like to. Its cute and really gets everyone excited!!!. You can also number the bottoms of the plates you will be serving food on and start at 1 to how many guest you have. The prego rights a number on a piece of paper and hides it. After everyone eats you read the number, who ever has that number gets a prize... Not to run on but you can also... Get saftey pins and give everyone 1 to put on there shirt when they come in. When they catch someone saying the word baby they can take that persons saftey pin. Who ever has the most pins at the end of the shower gets a prize.... Ok I think I've blabed enough,lol.. GL


lauren - February 8

Fill some baby bottles with pop and see who can finish them first!! Your guests will look really silly sucking from bottles!!!


missy - February 8

those are some really cute ideas I like them all!! thank you so much!!!!


stacey - February 8

My shower was last weekend- they did 2 cute things. 1- instead of a card, write on a board book so you can start a library for the baby. And for a game, they pa__sed around a box full of yarn and everyone had to pull out a piece that they thought was as long as would fit around my belly. After everyone pulled their strng, I measured some yarn around my belly- the person with the closest won a prize.


Courtney - February 8

A few games that were big hits at my baby shower: GUESS THE BABY FOOD - take about ten different baby foods in the jar and cover the label. Pa__s the jar around and everyone has to guess what it is based on color and smell. PRICE IS RIGHT - Have various baby items and the guests have to guess the price "closest without going over" (you can do retail prices, or what was paid i.e. clearance price, sale price, etc.) MOM TRIVIA - a multiple choice test about the mother-to-be (questions could cover all aspects of her life, depending on how well the guests know her)


lauren - February 8

another good one is to smear babyfood on diapers and guess what it is!!



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