Baby Shower Gift For The Hostess

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mother777 - December 14

i would like to give a small token gifts for the hostess of my baby shower. any suggestions? keep in mind it was five of them.


Kate - December 14

chocolates are always good!


jessielouwho - December 14

Right now is the perfect time to get good gifts for cheap. Seems like every store has really nice baskets of toiletries for a reasonable price. I personally think that scented candles are always good, with nice candle plates or holders. Hope that helps.


bean - December 15

If you have time - why not something home-baked? A plate of cookies or a homemade carrot or zuccini or banana bread would be wonderful! Making 5 breads might seem like a lot, but you can make one or two at a time and freeze them until the shower date. It's heartfelt and inexpensive.


Laurabelle - December 17

After Christmas there will be really good prices on Christmas gifts and seasonal items. You could also make something. I just finished making bath salts for my mom and mother-in-law for Christmas. Just buy epson salt (first aid section in the store). Divide it up into different bowls. Add a few drops of food coloring to lightly color the salt (a couple drops goes a long way). Stir well and make sure to get rid of clumps by stirring well. Then put the colored salt into a nice jar. You can bend a paper plate to help funnel the salt into the jar. If you have more than one color then you can make creative layers with the color. Then add a couple of drops or sprays of perfume. The salt will soak up the perfume and smell nice in the bath. Then tie a ribbon around the jar if you want. And voila! Homemade bath salts! Very inexpensive to make! And it has a nice homemade touch. Epson salt is $2 at Walmart and makes 2 nice size jars of bath salt. I got my jars at the $ store. Food coloring is about $2. Ribbon was 44 cents at Walmart (I use 2 colors of ribbon). So that was just $7 for 2 gifts! So about $3.50 a peice! Not bad! And they turned out very nice. I'm going to make these for my baby shower hostess gift in late January. Good luck! Have fun!



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