Baby Shower Prizes And Favors

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amanda103 - June 22

My shower is coming up in July, and I was wondering how much do you think should be spent on the prizes and favors? My mother and MIL are throwing it, but I've been included with all the details of things. My mother thinks $5 is enough for prizes and MIL thinks more like $8-$10. Bath and Body Works is having their big sale so I thought that would be good. Do you think a bottle of lotion and a scented glycerin bar wrapped up together is nice or cheap looking? I'm also open to any other suggestions you might have. Thanks!!


Been There - June 22

I think $5 is fine. I don't mean to sound negative, but the point is to shower YOU with gifts, not the guests. If you spend a lot, especially with food, you defeat the purpose. After all the accounting is done, you MIL and mother could have just bought you everything themselves and skipped the party. I know I'm going a little overboard with that, but I just think when you put too much into what to give to guest, it defeats the true purpose of why you are gathering together. Just my thoughts.


soimpatient - June 22

Here's my opinion: instead of having 2-$5 gifts, have 1 -$10 gift. I think bath stuff is good I think ornamental junk is bad (just takes up space in someone's home or ends up in the trash)


Erynn21 - June 22

I think everyone likes a nice soap and lotion, everybody likes to smell nice. You should lean towards stuff like that. I just had my shower that my step-mom threw and she had a bunch of prizes even ones for my little cousins, so I guess it depends on how much ppl want to spend. My mom bought the food, my stepmom bought the prizes, you could do things the same way, but do get useful things. My step-sis had 2 awesome gifts @ her shower that were given away from drawing ppl's names, I got a basket of gourmet food that was great. Good luck and have fun.


kari15 - June 23

I just had my baby showers a little over a week ago....and our prizes were bath and body works's a really nice and safe gift because almost everyone likes them....i put two bottles together and wrapped them in netting with a pink ribbon....for some other gifts ...i did candles....and boyd's bears which was the theme of my party because i'm an avid collector and it's also my new nursery theme....but anywho...yes i think bath and body works gifts are a great idea......



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