Baby Shower Question

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lulu - January 3

I have a teeny problem. Tell me what ya'll think.....Two my mother-in-law's friends and my sister-in-law are planning my baby shower. I am due March 24, however, I have been on bedrest since 23 weeks for preterm labor. I am doing much better, and may be returning to work for short shifts. My problem is this.........I will be 29 weeks on Friday, and would be returning to work around 30 weeks. They want the shower to be Feb. 12, and I would 34. 3 weeks pregnant!!!!!! Plus, I have no idea how my body will react to going back to work. I could wind up delivering around 34 weeks?! How should I nicley tell them that is way too late for the shower? I want to have plenty of time for returns, and to but whatever was not given as gifts. What should I do? I'm getting a little antsy......


Rachael mommy2lucas - January 3

I had mine at about 30 weeks. Based on your circ_mstance, I don't think it would be wrong of you to ask them to move it up a bit. But better do it soon so they have enough time to send out the invites! Good luck! : )


mel - January 3

I think if it were me.....I'd ask that they hold the shower "after" the baby arrives. which isn't unheard of. we're not finding out the s_x, so everyone is wanting to wait anyway. Or people could bring the gifts by as they make their way over to visit you and the baby. hope everything works out for you. take care!!!


BB - January 3

This is a touchy subject sometimes. My shower is this saturday and I will be 36 weeks. I tried to have it changed to be sooner but they said one month is plenty of time! Of course I haven't had any problems like yours so its a little different. You could just ask them to wait to send out the invites to see how you do when you go back to work. They should be able to understand your concerns! Good luck


Heather - January 3

Have they given you a reason for the late shower. My girlfriends are having mine this weekend and I have been on and off of bed & pelvic rest since 28 weeks. I will be 37 weeks this weekend! If I make it! THen I am also having a sceduled induction if I make it to 39 weeks. I'm worried about the shower being this late also, but we have the major neccesities, so anything that needs returned or additional purchases will just have to wait until after beby is here! Then I can take her on her first shopping spree!


lulu - January 4

The most they would move it up was a weekend. So, I just said that was fine. I'll be 33 weeks, which isn't too bad. It's better than being 35! If I deliver early, I'll just have to get over my not getting a baby shower beforehand. It'll be fine. Thanks for the replies!



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