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D~ - October 10

Ok, I just had my shower a few days ago, and only a few important things were bought off my registry. A lot of the stuff that people gave us were clothes and whatever else they thought was cute. My husband & I were kinda bummed considering we really needed the stuff off our registry. Has anyone else experienced this too??? I don't want to sound greety or anything, but was expecting more stuff from the registry. Thanks


J - October 10

I was lucky I did get alot of stuff from my registry but I did get a bunch of stuff I didn't need. If I were you I would take some of the stuff back that you don't think you'll use. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do now. I does stink.


lynnstress - October 10

Same here - but I'm having a shower thrown by relatives next month, so we'll see what happens. Hubby says he doesn't want to have to buy ALL this stuff right before D-Day. If you have gift receipts, you could take back some stuff and get what you really need.


Same problem - October 10

I got exactly 6 things I needed from my suprise shower yesterday kinda bumed too I needed more things like baby care kits and a b___stfeeding pilllow. I did get some money to help pay for the stuff I really needed. Maby consider having a family member do a pregnancy pool to guess the weight and due date to raise some more money.


Julie - October 10

I think it is rather rude for people to buy things that are not on the registry. My sister and I both had a problem with this. When you have a shower and specifically put in a card saying "registered at_____" I think you should buy the gift off the registery. Especially with a new baby. You really do need so many things that are so expensive that you can't always afford to buy. If I were you I would take some of the stuff back that I don't need and replace it with stuff off your registry. Sorry to hear about this.


Jackie - October 10

My shower is this sat and no one has bought anything off my registry...I think I am going to have this same problem. Really stinks cuz you take the time to register and obviously it is stuff you need..


Steph - October 10

If you don't want the stuff you got, you could just return it and use the money to get the much needed things from your registry - I just felt lucky that people came and cared enough to buy things for our baby, registry or not. I think registry are nice to have if people ask for what you need you can just tell them to look on it, but it's inevitable that people are going to buy things for you that they want to buy anyways. Good luck ladies.


Lynn - October 10

I had the same thing happen at one of my showers. The problme with just returning things that you don't need is that if you don't have a gift receipt, the store will giv eyou the lowest price that the item has ever sold for. Some things that we tried to return were brand new outfits at $19.99 each but the store would only give us credit for $3 or $4 because that was the clearance price last year on that item. I think its kinda rude to not buy off a registry too, better yet, some people looked at the registry and then just bought similiar items from other stores where they were cheaper!


Tammy - October 10

At my shower, I did get quite a few things from the registry. I noticed that alot of the older aunts bought from where ever they liked. They did include the gift receipts but I had to literally go to 6 stores to make the returns. With gift recepits you cannot get cash so you are forced to buy something in that particular store. I ended up having to spend more money buying the stuff in other stores. All said and done the only thing that I had to get was a mattress. TO JACKIE- I thought the same thing. Obvioulsy my family knows me well- They really got me. They took my registry and re-registered it in my mil's name. The funny thing is...I really didn't check it. It was clever and I was shocked.


D~ - October 10

Thanks ladies for all the responese, at least I know that I'm not alone on this. I will consider taking some stuff back for the stuff that I really need.


So rude - October 10

Just what you need to be doing in your condition is running around taking things back. What is wrong with people? Do they think you went and registered for the hell of it? Or because you thought it would be fun? I just don't get this?


Melissa - October 10

I had this same exact problem! I just had my shower this past weekend. We only got a few items off of the registry. I was very disappointed. We got a lot of blankets, books, and bibs. But several very important items we registered for we did not receive, like a baby bathtub, baby towels and washclothes, baby bath products, bottles, pacifiers, sleepers, crib sheets. We didn't receive ANY of these items! Also, we didn't receive even ONE package of diapers!!! I was really surprised. These are all things I was sure we would get. I am not being ungrateful for the things we did receive, I just wish the guests would have paid closer attention to the items we REALLY needed. Now we have to go out and buy them ourselves :-(


Heidi - October 10

I got darn lucky it sounds like. All my big expensive stuff was bought like the crib, swing, pack n play, tons of clothes and blankets etc. The few things I didn't get that I thought I'd get bombed with was diaper bags, diapers, and bath stuff. I got two bags of diapers and that was it. But I was still lucky. I've really not went out and bought anything for this baby yet besides tons of garage sale clothes and a few things like baby care stuff when it was on sale. I even got 5 cans of formula in the mail so I'm set for a little while I guess!


Kr - October 10

Thanks for posting D~ I think yours is a common problem as I have seen many people post with the same issue. Over the past 6 months my HB and I have been buying the 'must haves' that are boring (tub, sheets,specific stroller, mattress,crib etc.) . Since we have many of the major things we hope to be less stressed about what we get. My mother has also been planting the idea of cases of diapers in the ears of all shower attendees. Has anyone ever gotten what they needed? Those are the ladies I want to hear from. How did they spread the word? I'm sorry D~, but I think this is the way it goes. People will continue to buy you nothing but cute outfits and noisy toys. It might seem weird, but if you have extras you could always pa__s them on to someone else??


Brandy - October 10

I am afraid I am going to experience the same thing. We are registered at Baby's R Us, which is across the bridge in Louisville, KY (we live in southern IN). Everyone keeps telling me it is too far (takes about 15-20 minutes from our house). However, I even included in the invitation how to order online and that they could also buy from Toy's R Us, which is on our side of the river (5 minutes). I had this same problem when we got married. Everyone went to Target which really didn't have what I wanted. I always buy off registries because if I spend my money, I want to know that the person needs and really wants what I got them. Go figure?


disagree - October 11

Hi all, I am afraid I have to disagree with most of you. I dont think it is rude not to buy off a registry - these people still went out and put time and effort into buying stuff for you. There are many reasons for not buying off a registry - cost, where you are register etc - and a baby shower should not be about friends supplying you with your baby needs but about celebrating the fact that you are pregnant with you. Just my opinion ...


Hmm... - October 11

To Disagree- I understand where you are coming from, but then what is the point of registering?



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