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sc_august - June 15

Congratulations to all 3trimester don't have too far before you lil' kicker is welcomed into this world. I myself gave birth 4months ago, and i must say, it was very well worth the pain agony to have the child you cared for in your womb for 9months. However, I need some answers opinions on baby showers. My sister is also pregnancy and is due on the 10 of Sept. When you do all think I should throw the shower for her? I knew that when I was pregnant I wanted a shower at least 2months ahead of my edd so i can purchase all the necessary things I didnt receive, fix up the baby room and rest during my last final weeks. So i was looking into mid-july to throwing her shower, but is this just too early? All opinions are welcome---


amanda103 - June 15

I'm also due Sept 10, and my shower is scheduled for July 16th (the 8th was booked). I don't think it's too early. It's better to have everything done ahead of time and not worry about it, than to not be ready if the baby comes early. Good Luck with the planning!


Nita_ - June 15

I'm due june 26th, and had my baby shower May 13th. And my office gave me one just this past monday, June 12th. I guess it's never too late, but yes, having it earlier would be nice so the mom/dad-to-be can buy things they didn't get etc.


Chrissythefairy - June 15

Im due Sept 14th and my shower is August 5th, i would have had it in july but alot of people are going on vacation so i chose early August.


DWilson924 - June 15

I am due July 27th and due to scheduling conflicts with my family and the in-laws, they had my shower May 13th. To be 100% honest with you, I think that was perfect. It has given my husband and I more then enough time to go out and shop for the stuff we did not receive at the shower. So I would say 2 months before is a great idea. Just keep in mind that the 8th of July close to the 4th of July so you might want to think about doing it July 15th or something to avoid loosing those people who will be on vacation for the 4th of July. Just my opinion.


Atarahsmommy - June 15

I am due July 22 and I am not having mine untill the 8th of July, but that was scheduling issues, June was too busy and May was too soon I thought, but it worked out becuase I wasn't hardly showing, I just finally popped out in the last few weeks, so I'll be nice and big for the shower, thats half the fun right, but it will be a little hectic as that is only 2 weeks before my due date, so sooner is probably the best idea, but for me at least I liked the idea of waiting untill I was big enough to really look pregnant


starr - June 15

I had a surprise baby shower thrown for me on June 2 and I'm due June 17.Even though that shower was unplanned,I wanted to find out what I was having before throwing the shower which makes it so much easier.I think your timing is probably just right b/c she gets a chance to go through and see what else she needs.


CamysMama - June 15

Hi, I'm also due Sept. 14 (Chrissy, you and I have the same due date, yay!) My office threw me a shower last Weds, which was really fun, but a little soon. My family is plannig one for Labor Day, Sept. 4th, which I think is way too late... I hope I'm not actually in labor on Labor Day! :o) Of course I can't really complain about the date because they're doing this wonderful thing for me... I've tried to tactfully ask my mom if it isn't just a little bit late, but she doesn't want to take the hint! Well, with any luck Camy will be right on time, or a little bit late, rather than an early bird. Sorry, I don't know if my post is that helpful! :o)


Been There - June 15

I don't think having a shower after the baby is born is a bad thing. The baby will still need clothes, can always use diapers and other things. Everything helps. Besides, after the baby is born, people could give other useful gifts like clothes, toys, etc based on seeing how big the baby is.


marie - June 15

I am due July 27 (just like you DWilson) and I had my baby shower on May 6th which was perfect! I still had energy to mingle with people and I still wasn't as big as I am now. I say 2 months before is the perfect time.


Erynn21 - June 15

I'm due aug 31st and am having my shower this Sat. June 17, I also am having 2 more because of family conflicts, so anything I don't get @ one I can get at another. I think getting it done 2 months ahead is great, my stepmom is planning this one which has been awful, she's a complete freak, but oh well. Many ppl can't come this weekend because it's Father's Day which I completely understand. I'd say that is a good time.


krc - June 15

im 33 weeks and my baby shower is this sunday.


Soontobemom - June 16

I had my shower on May 20th and my dur date is July 17th. I really liked it early b/c I still run around for things I remember, even now.


yourtrish - June 16

Well, I guess I'm an early bird, but I had my shower on Saturday (June 10) and I'm only 28-29 weeks pregnant. Mind you, I'm so happy we did it, because I'm really starting to slow down and I'm very happy to be getting a lot of the to-dos and running around with out of the way. Our shower was a hit, so now all I have to do is pick up the few things we're missing and concentrate on preparing our household, like making meals to freeze, doing all the laundry for the baby, buying diapers and formula (I don't think I will be able to b___stfeed) and setting up all of the gifts. Although you receive a lot of nice things at your shower, there's still a ton of work to getting batteries for just about everything (costs a fortune btw) and even sometimes returning too many duplicates/wrong sizes, etc. advice....the sooner the better! Let poor mom rest with her feet up in the final weeks of the pregnancy! (I plan on sitting by the pool while my hubby brings me freezies :). Good luck!


sc_august - June 16

Thank you for all your responses, I'll be sure to do it 2months before. I too feel the same way w/ all of you since I was in your feet, well in my pregnancy-cankles :), not too long ago. If you have any questions on labor or anything, please feel free to ask. Throughout my whole pregnancy, i was fine, until my actual due date i was having bh contractions that were intense. I was checked by my MD and states my blood pressure went up (146/120) and they found protein in my urine (took at least 3 samples). I ended up staying in labor and delivey dept so to monitor me and little did i know, i was staying overnight to have my baby the next morning. I was given pitocin and 3 minutes later I thought I peed on myself (sorry tmi) but little did i know, it was my water breaking. It wasn't clear cuz my baby girl decided to poop inside of me (meconium-baby's 1st stool)-sorry if it's tmi. i never expected that to happen. And as soon as I got myself cleaned up i was already 4cm dilated. i was given the epidural & magnesium to bring down my blood pressure and everything was a lot better than what i had pictured. I'd do it all over again. i had torn about 1inch but i wasn't even in pain when they st_tched me back up, i was distracted by my baby girl on the side while they were checkin' for her pulse, weight, etc....anywho- best of luck to all of you. I hope you all continue to have a healthy pregnancy. you can now start counting your weeks by your 2 hands. LOL.


miraclebaby - June 16

I had my shower three months before, as I live out of state and I could only get home during spring break when my son was off from school and it worked out great, I enjoyed having the extra to look at the stuff and not be weighed down and also have time to know what to buy.



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