Baby Sling Or Wrap

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tish212 - November 3

I have looked at these for a while now...and I think it would be very very helpful so that my arms remain free ...but I'm scared to death that the baby would fall this a crazy fear or can they fall out. they show these wraps a mother wears that looks like y have to tie it around urself and put baby in it...and that scares me that if u tie it wrong ur baby will fall out? does this happen? are they worth it? I don't mean to sound dumb...but it really freaks me out....


jenna32 - November 3

you'd think so eh? i was thinking the same thing when i decided to buy one. i haven't heard of too many accidents with one yet. i got a sling that you can wear lots of ways, i think i will end up wearing it the front position,around my tummy so if anything happened i'd be able to catch her if falling out, they also have weight requirements so just make sure the baby isn't too big for the recomended weight amount.That's just some tips,sorry can't help out further, this is my first so i have no experience with them yet either.


Brendansmom - November 3

I have decided to get a sling this time around so I can be hands free for my 2 year old. After all of the research I have decided to go with a Hotsling. There are no buckles or ties and it seems pretty user friendly. The website is I had a baby carrier for Brendan, but I think a sling with be much better for a newborn.


Erins Mom - November 3

I've been using a ring sling since Erin was born and I love it. I was nervous about it at first, but I love that I can adjust the tightness of it versus the sling that Brendansmom was talking about, especially when they're so little and can't support anything. I think the hotsling would be great for a toddler though, quick and easy. If you do get a sling I would reccomend just wearing it around the house with one hand on it until you feel comfortable and confident with it, at least that's what I did. It is such a life saver if you have a colicy baby as well, it's the only way I got anything done with Erin for a couple of months. She needed to be held constantly.


kim00 - November 4

I got the 'new native baby carrier' and I hated it. I felt like my dd was going to fall right out if I moved. I also have the moby wrap, and I love it. She is very secure in it, and it's very comfortable to wear.


sarah21 - November 4

The slings are great. You'd think they'd fall out, and they are a bit hard to use at first, but they are so worth it. It keeps your hands free and the babies love it. They just sleep in it. The one I have is made by Nojo but I was thinking about getting one of the Maya wraps and trying it. Maybe I should just stick with what I know and love but the Maya wraps are so cute!


LIN - November 4

A friend of mine ordered me a Maya wrap (was on my registry, because it got great reviews), but then was notified later that it was out of stock. She's currently trying to find it elsewhere. When I get it, I'll let you know how I like it.


c_baer19 - November 4

You could always use a Baby Bjorn or other type of baby carrier - I use one and love it, so does my DD. (though she didn't like it until about 6-8 weeks) I've never used a wrap, but I think they look neat.



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