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Krista - June 13

Hey there! I was wondering if anyone knows of a good baby sling to get. I saw a lady holding her baby in looked so soft and comfortable for the baby...better than those "stiff" carriers. All the slings I'm seeing still look stiff. This one looked like a WAY soft cotton material...went over one sholder and under the other (it kinda had a sholder strap too I think) Anyways~ I should have asked her where she got it because I cant seem to find one anywhere. =(


livdea - June 13

Krista I came across an awesome sling at a little boutique in Montana. They are a little pricey but very chic and comfy! They are called "sprout pouch" here's their web site take out any dashes that may show up. The fit of the pouch is the most crucial part. But they are very comfy and can be used for several years from infant to toddler. They are made in Montana which is where I live but they have so many cute fabrics and they are reversable! Anyway, check them out I bought one and a regular front carrier too but plan on using my sprout pouch more often! Good luck!


AlissaF - June 13

another good one I found was I bought one of their stretch cotton slings.


Mingill - June 13

I've been looking into the sling too. I saw it at a flea market and haven't been back since, and I can't remember the company name. I just did a search on google for "baby slings" and I got plenty of hits, you could try that and find a retailer close to you so you can check them out.


Kspa - June 13

My friend told me about this sling. She loves it and is getting one for me. Check it out:


1Sttimemomy - June 13

I was in k-mart today and i was looking for the same thing .all i seen was the regular baby carriers.if you do find any common retailers like wal-mart or target please let me know and i will do the same for you .hope we find it good luck.!!


maren - June 14 That is the sling i got at my baby shower i know they have it at babies R Us and at target. It seems like a nice sling and comfortable


Jamie - June 14

I personally use a Maya Wrap ring-sling, and I LOVE it. Mei tais are also very popular. If "baby sling" doesn't give you what you're looking for, google "baby wearing" and see what it brings up. 1sttimemommy, as far as I know, the really good slings aren't sold in common retail stores. Not totally sure why, but there ya go. But, if you have a sewing machine, they are SUPER easy to make, and you can find free patterns on the internet.


Roary - June 14

The sling I have now is made by Little Star baby slings:


MelG - June 14

I just bought one of the New Native baby slings from a seller on Ebay. My friend had one and it was really nice.



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