Baby Stretching

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Evonna - June 21

I am 33 weeks pregnant and my baby seems to stretch alot. She stretches to the point it really hurts. This happens everytime i lay down. I also realized everytime my baby hiccup, she moves out of controllably. then when she stops hiccuping, she stops moving as well. I feel that since her hiccups are more intense now, it makes me feel like it's hurting her. Anyone else have these problems?


shan_mommy - June 21

Hey Evonna, I'm 29 weeks (although I swear this baby is ahead of schedule by how big he feels) and his movements are so strong. This is my first pregnancy, but I think I feel my baby stretching a lot, especially when I first lie down on my side. I'll feel something move way far down on my side, usually the one I'm laying on, and another simultaneous movement up high in my stomach usually diagonal from where I feel the other movement. Sound like a baby stretching? Then he'll start wiggling around like he's trying to get comfy. He also gets the hiccups, but they are just small rhythmic thumps, nothing that makes me worry. I wouldn't worry about them hurting the baby! Good luck!


iakram - June 21

omgosh...i'm 34 weeks and since last week the same thing has happened to me...have you noticed that the movements are more from side to side? same here everytime i lay down the baby decides to stretch and bunch up to the right of my belly. my belly from the left looks completely empty when she does that. and yes the hiccups are back i can hear them as well. this time i'm carrying lower so right where my belly b___ton area is there is always this hard bump..either her b___t or her back...but the movement sare indeed getting more painful - i didn't experience this the last time i was preggo. just goes to show how different each one can be. thanks for posting this..i was going to ask my dr for sure tomorrow.


shan_mommy - June 21

iakram, let us know what your doc says. I'm sure it's all just normal baby movement. Take care


Been There - June 21

There's nothing to worry about. It's just painful because, well you're sharing with a kid who just wants to find a way to make him/herself more comfortable. The worst I've ever felt was when my first daughter decided to try stretching her legs up into my lungs and chest. Three days later and barely past 37 weeks, she decided it was time to come out. Either she fought her way out or my body had mercy on me and decided it was time to evict her. LOL!


carol23 - June 21

so it's stretching!!!! It is getting a bit painful. I also get that feeling of shifting baby when I lie down on my side. Also, I've been feeling like he's kicking or punching my bladder and it's also quite painful. I too feel like I'm having the world's largest baby!!!


redemptive_angel - June 21

About the hiccups, and your baby moving... Mind does to. I just figured that she gets sick of hiccuping after awhile so she will kick and wiggle furiously until they stop. My doctor said it is nothing to worry about, hiccups don't hurt them like they do us, but they don't necessarily like them either.


everthiki - June 21

I haven't felt my baby hiccup in a while , but he sure loves to strettttccchh out all the time. I too feel him up high near my ribs and then really low, almost you know , way down under. Some days I feel so much pressure down there. I asked my doc and she said it is the baby's head putting pressure. He is a wiggler too and many times while looking aroung my belly b___ton I will see my stomach move almost in wave like motions...anyone else feel this? I'm 32 weeks by the way.


Evonna - June 22

everthiki, my stomach does that alot too. Everyone else, it feels like my baby have long legs or something because when she stretch, she stretch!!! and it hurt. lol. About the hiccups, i also known that hiccups really don't hurt the baby. But it bothers me when she do go through it, she moves nonstop like if it was painful. But thanks all for your responses, i feel more relieved!



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