Baby Supplies What Is Truly Needed

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J - November 9

I'm on bedrest & need to send DH out for baby supplies. What will we definately need for the first few weeks after our babe is born? We have a crib, play pen, swing, car seat, stroller, 1 pack of diapers, boppy, 2 nuks, 1 wet wipes, desitin, 5 outfits, couple burp clothes, couple wash cloths, (I plan on br___tfeeding so do we need bottles?) Any advice would greatly be appreciated! Thanks in advance.


N - November 9

Sounds like you pretty much have everything covered! You can't have enough diapers though! Some nursing pads (the little pads you put in your bra to keep from getting milk on your shirt and bra.-they sale them in the baby section next to the bottles) and a nursing bra for you, if you don't already have that. You will not need bottles unless you have a b___st pump to pump your milk to put into them. Good luck.


N - November 9

Oh yeah and Dreft to wash your baby's clothes and of course blankets.


KFish - November 9

you may want some bottles because it took me at least 3-4 days before my milk fully came it. I would get more than 5 outfits. I changed my son once 6 times as he kept dirtying his outfits. I would recommend at least 9-10 outfits or you will be doing laundry every day. Nursing pads. Nursing bra. crib sheets. Changing pad. changing pad cover. Bath. the one pack of diapers will last maybe a couple of days as you change them at least 6 times per day. Same with wipes. more burp cloths incase he/she spits up milk. I loved the sleeping sack because I knew that he would not lose the blanket at night and would not get cold.


j - November 10

Thanks guys! I never thought of some of those things. KFish...the sleeping that the one piece outfit they wear that the bottom is enclosed like a sleeping bag or is it one of those wearable blankets. I've been trying to find one of those wearable blankets but can't. Any ideas?


to j - November 10

babies r us has those sleepingsacks. They are thicker and more blanket like than the outfit with the enclosed bottom. they turned out to be very helpful to me because I was pretty bad a swaddling and later on my bub hated to be covered and would kidk out of it. In the sleeping sack I didn't have to worry about her freezing her tootsies off at night. So I didn get up every five seconds to make sure she was covered up. i skipped over buying the newborn size and went straight to the 6-12 month size


lisa - November 10

dont buy lots of all in one grow suits i found my daughter gets her feet stuck when she puts her feet in frog position next to bum, buy footless, loads of nappies,wipes, vests, sanitary towels for your bleeding, nipple cream,(the best you can buy)


Joey - November 10

I am not sure who is planning on b___stfeeding, but what brand of b___st pump would be recomended?? I heard that the avent is good, but would like some more advice.


Ca__sie - November 10

What everyone has said, is good. One thing I just learned is that if you are b___stfeeding, it is best not to give baby a nuk for a few weeks.. until he/she has the b___stfeeding down pat.


Jennifer - November 10

I would recommend a Boppy pillow. I cannot speak from experience (this is my first baby) but I've heard from countless moms that it will save your back, especially when b___stfeeding. Also you can use it to position the baby for "tummy time" or use it around a baby who can sit up, but not una__sistsed. Someone gave me one at my shower.



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