Baby Too Active

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StephanieT - December 29

Maybe I'm crazy... but for about 5 hours in the evening my baby is non-stop. I don't mean just changing positions, but the full on belly bouncing routine. Even my DH has noticed. All I can do is sit or lay down and wait for her to stop. I thought that they had a 2 hour cycle or something. Anybody else have this?


Lindsay - December 29

Me, mine never quits moving, ever. She must change position constantly when she sleeps, otherwse I don't see how she could sleep, I go to sleep to her kicking wake up to her kicking and rolling, and she goes absolutely nuts when I eat. She kicks me all day at work, and when I get home while I sit down, never stops.


StephanieT - December 29

To me the worse is when I'm walking and she's 'busy'. And yeah, eating seems to really get her going. Kinda hard to have much to eat with all that going on.


Penny Rene - January 2

I have actually been worried my baby is TOO active. But I have found nothing that indicates this is indicative of a problem of any kind with the baby.


GB - January 2

I have a similiar problem and it makes me concerned that she will never sleep once she arrives. YIKES!


lala - January 2

I can definitely relate. My baby girl is very active. I used to wish she would stop moving so much, but now I realize it is a good sign. Lots of movement is a sign that she is doing fine. Now I encourage her to move to let me know she is doing fine.


Natalie - January 2

id be so pleased if i had that, instead of always worrying about whether shes ok in there! seriously you would miss it if you didnt feel it


sarah513 - January 2

mine never quits moving either... sometimes she'll kick me so hard that if i have something sitting on my stomach she'll kick it right off into the floor... lol its good to have such an active lil booger but sometimes you just cant handle it lol... especially when your driving and you have to pee and they pounce on your bladder!!! but your not alone... mine just doesnt stop..



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