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Baliezer - October 11

I just got back from an ultrasound, and I am more worried than when I went in. First of all my original due date was Dec. 12. The specialist kept asking me, "are you sure on your dates?" I am positive because we were seeing a fertility doc. Then she kept saying "this is such a big baby.""Are you going to try and deliver va___ally?" What?? Of course. The baby is measuring 2 weeks ahead and already weights 6 pounds. I am 33 weeks along in her measurements. In the next month the baby should gain between 3-5 pounds! The other worry is that she is still head-up. Anyone else experiancing this? Should we try and start turning her before it's too late? By the way this is my third preg. I don't normally worry this much, but I was hoping to try and wait out the epidural and try naturally. Now I am thinking induce with epidural, which is what happened with my second. All of my births have been vag. I don't want a c section. Any advice is appreciated!


wv_red - October 16

Hi Baliezer, I gave birth to a baby almost 10 lbs, Vaginally. She flipped at 36 and stayed that way. If your doc is worried just ask her to induce you early. You should be fine since you have had 2 previously. Good luck and I hope it works out for you!


homeworkwithheather - October 16

good luck with everything. I am having the same worries. At my 39 week appointment they were thinking he was 8.2 pounds...and I don't go back until next Tuesday which will be my 41 week appointment and he would be a pound heavier. I am freaking out. They say women deliver v____ally with large babies all the time, but I am so scared of tearing really bad...I will think all of the good thoughts I can for you...I know how you guy did not flip until 37 weeks and he was always measuring ahead...I hope that helps a little...


joey - October 17

Hi heather! I was wondering if you'd had the baby yet, i doubt you'll make it to your next appointment :-) TRY not to worry, it's VERY rare that a baby is too big for a mother to deliver, even though you hear it all the time, doctors worry too many people! I was told at 38 weeks my baby was 9pounds already...i delivered 40weeks 4days and she was 8pounds tearing, no st_tches...i know there's no garantees you will have the same experience but i just was so worried my last week of pregnancy i was going to have this like 11pound baby and she wasn't at all. They get it wrong all the time! You're going to do great and your body is so capable of doing more than you can imagine...can't wait to hear your good news!!!


jessb - October 17

Baliezer- Also remember ultrasounds can be off by a pound or two!! My friend was told she was going to have a small to average size baby (around 7 pounds) and when her baby was born he was 9 pounds 4 ounces!!! So you never really know. Im sure you will be fine either, youve had 2 other children so even if your baby is large I think you can do it!! Good luck!


gabbysally - October 22

ok baliezer, I hope I can make you feel a little better. my WHOLE pregnancy I was told my baby was larger than average. plus my husband and I were both 10 pound babies so from the start my docs were gearing up for a large one. so I went in a day after my due date and they said she was about 9 lbs based on feeling my belly and were going to induce me in 3 days if she didn't come out, they didn't want me going more than that past my due date so she didn't get much bigger. so I had to be induced, I was in labor a mere 4 hours, pushed for 40 minutes and had casey at 10lbs, 3 oz - I had to be cut, but it was fine!! granted, I don't think my b___t is ever going to be the same, I'm still having some pain there 2 months later. but overall it was great, fine, easy, just have an epidural!! I don't know about the turning though, she was head down from my 20 week scan on.


Baliezer - October 22

Thanks for responding. The baby is still in the breech position and I am currently 34 weeks. My doctor refuses to deliver a breech birth v____ally, and I am really considering waiting out the contractions at home, until it gets too late and they would have to deliver the baby v____ally. Again that is if she still does not turn. I don't know what else to do at this point?



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