Baby Turned Again

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K - July 5

I'm almost 35 weeks along now. For a while, baby was laying transverse. Then a little over a month ago, she turned head down. I had ultrasounds every week for the past month (they had to keep a very close watch on her due to the cord being wrapped around her three times) and she has been head down very low. Just four days ago, my doctor was checking my cervix and told me that she was quite low, at a -2 already, head down. Then today when I went for an NST, the nurse said that it seemed like baby was back in a transverse position again while she was looking for the heartbeat for the monitor. Now that has me paranoid that she's transverse again, and I really can't tell from feeling my belly if she is or not. Is it common for a baby that was "so low" head down to flip again?


anne - July 6

the best way to tell is to use a home doppler and place it over where you think the baby's back is, it will be the loudest. also, if you feel a larger ball, push against it, if it moves forward its the the b___tocks, if it doesn't then it's the head. be mindful of where you feel kicks too. softer kicks are normally fists. Hope this helps - and don't worry, mine is doing the same thing too and im 36 weeks.


tara - July 6

It is possible that your baby flipped again but it is also possible that the nurse could be worng. Are they sending you in for another ultrasound? at 35weeks you still have some time for the baby to turn head down again at anytime. Just be mindful of any huge movements you might feel. I'm never sure of what body parts I'm feeling so I just pay attention to movements as much as I can.


~S~ - July 6

I suggest you keep close attention to where your baby kicks and how hard it is. My baby is flipped head down and has been for the past 2 weeks. Sometimes I get confused as to what body parts I think i'm feeling but the best way to is to feel for a head or a bum, those are the easiest indicators. A head will feel small, hard and round whereas the b___t will be a bit larger and obviously softer. Just keep track as to where you feel kicks. If your baby is head down, then you should feel strong kicks on your sides, or under your ribs, which will be the baby's feet or knees. Smaller movements from the fits and arms will be felt lower in your abs . I don't think it's too uncommon for the baby to flip around at 34 weeks. In any case, if it was a concern, your doctor would definetly say something to you, Dr's don't usually mess around or slack off during pregnancies.



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