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mellycat82 - February 6

Hi Girls, Im 31 weeks and 2 days along now, I am just wondering, I have heard numerous people speak about the baby turning at a certain stage in the third trimester.. I have read up so much on pregnancy and surfed the internet since day 1 but still dont know what this means exactly.. Does it mean that the baby engages or moves down into birthing position? When does this usually happen and will I know when it does? Thx xxxxx


DDT - February 6

Hello, baby turning refers to the baby adopting the head-down position in the uterus. With the top of the head facing down towards the cervix. The baby doesn't have to be engaged to have turned. Engagement means that the baby is locked into your pelvis. A baby can turn at any time during the pregnancy but generally after 38wks they have less room and that is when doctor's may suggest physically turning the baby or opting for a C-section...BUT sometimes a baby will even turn down during labour itself. You will not know when it happens but your doc will be able to tell by feeling for the baby's head on your belly during an exam. I think my doc started checking around 30wks.


xoxticiaxox - February 6

HI Melly, I asked pretty much the same question yesterday lol! I was told that you will feel more kicks in your ribs when it is turned. It just means the the baby is in a head down position, ready to come out! My baby just turned, and its even more uncomfortable then it was before because everytime I lean forward I get jabbed lol! But its a good thing, because if the baby does not turn, then they have to try and turn it for you (VERY PAINFUL) or you get stuck with a c-section!


DDT - February 6

Even though my baby has been head-down since about 27wks (I am 38wks now) I have never felt kicks in my ribs. It depends on how the baby is positioned. I have felt kicks out to my side and a b___t pushing on my ribs.


mellycat82 - February 8

Thanks ladies!!! Well thats cleared it up for me. I can definately feel the whole rib thing!!! I have an appointment today so Ill find out which way she is lying. Thx !! x



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