Baby Won T Stop Moving

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Cheryl - February 9

I'm 32 weeks and my baby won't stop moving and it is really starting to hurt. It's moving all the time. My tummy is so sore from it. I was just wondering if anyone else is having the same thing and what did they do for comfort. I also have a burning feeling in my rib cage where I think something is jammed in there. I have a desk job and it is really uncomfortable sitting all day. I'm not very tall and I don't have much abdomen room. I just want my baby to stop moving for a while and give me a break so I can breath.


mel - February 9

I sssoooooo feel ya. this is my second and I swear I feel "internally bruised" from this baby (I'm 33 weeks) I never felt like this with my first so I'm not sure what the deal is. I have a desk job also, which I didn't have with my first, so maybe that is what's making the difference. I notice that I have to sit leaned back in my chair, becuase if I sit forward, the baby starts squirming and moving around which hurts......not sure what to do about it though. I've noticed this baby is much more active during the day than at night. my son was a night owl and kept me up all night.


Girl Gilly - February 9

Hi. I really really know how you feel. My baby is totally active. As much as I love it, it makes it hard to sleep and get to sleep. What I find is that the baby is very active for about 2-4 days and then quiet for a day or two. It's like the baby is going on a bender or something. My belly is so sore. Even on the outside it feels like I am bruised - which I am not. Last night my husband belly bumped me and it hurt so bad. I also have a desk job, but when the baby really gets going it moves around even when I am active. This past weekend we were pruning our fruit trees and the baby moved the entire time. It's a little strange to feel movement when I am walking/kneeling/climbing trees etc. I do not know what to suggest. I guess we can be thankful that the baby is moving! The other night the baby actually poked it's foot out and I could almost grasp the whole thing - it was pretty cool, although after an hour and 1/2 I was ready for it to stop!!


Noodle - February 9

i know how you feel. It hurts like hell sometimes. Theres nothing really you can do about it either which sucks! try a chair that enables youto lean back, as when you manage to, the baby has more room and may shift down bit. also try rubbing your belly with nice smelly oils or creams (make sure the ones you use are safe) it may help the baby reposition, if not, it may still prove soothing



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