Babys Kidneys

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michelle - July 26

hi im 35 weeks pregnant and today i found out that the babys right kidney is smaller then the left one they are not sure if its the ultra sound that couldnt see the measurements properly or if its the baby they said not to worry but im veryyy worried what causes this and what can happen ?is there anything to worry about PLEASE HELP ME


Jane - June 12

Michelle, When I was pregnant with my son 4 years ago they noticed at my 20 week scan that his right kidney had not developed and was completly surrounded by cysts. His left kidney was completly normal. They monitored me throughout the rest of my pregnancy and when he was born they did a test to find out if there was any fluids going through his kidney which there wasn't. They finally decided to remove his kidney when he was 18 months old by keyhole surgery. I can say that that is the scariest thing I have every gone through but he is absolutely fine. I was told that 1 in 400 people only have one kidney and that Daniel would lead a normal life. Which he does. I don't think you have anything to worry about. Good luck. Jane.


Lynnette - July 10

Hello, I'm 28 weeks and they found that there is fluid in his kidneys. They are going to look again in 4 to 6 weeks. Does anyone know anything about that it could mean if it doesn't go away. I'm not worried because it is in Gods hands I would like to know more about it.


Nicole - July 14

Hi Michelle, My son is now 18 months. When I was 20 weeks pregnant I found out that Aidan would only possibly be born with one kidney. I was very worried also. Aidan was only born with one kidney, his left is missing. But he is perfectly healthy otherwise. Aidan is leading a mormal life just like any other child.


heather - July 21

hi if your babys kidneys are bigger than the other or both are bigger than normal it could be dilated renel pelvis which is when the babys kidneys are not flushing all urine out so they get big that is what is wrong w/ my baby they say it can go away before you give birth or it could get worse and have to have surgery it is also called hypo somthing i found all my info on the net im 40 weeks and have been worried every since the doctor told me


Mauren - July 26

Hello, When I was 20 weeks pregnant the ultrasound showed that my baby had fluid in his kidneys and the Dr. told me not to worry about it. I started researching the topic and went to a Neonantologist. He advised me that we had to wait because a number of babies that show fluid in the womb end up being normal after birth. When the baby was born I insisted to see a Pediatric Nephrologists and they performed a Renal Ultrasound when I was at the hospital. The test revealed that my baby had Hydronephrosis in the right kidney and prescribed antibiotics for him. Hydronephrosis is a dilation in the urethra that can cause blockage or urine reflux. They treat it with antibiotics to prevent an infection. In mild to moderate cases the kidneys remain normal and they treat it with observation therapy. They performed a VCUG test (some type of imaging test). This test showed that he had no reflux. Then, every 3-6 months I go for a Renal ultrasound. After my baby was born I wanted to learn everything possible to understand his condition. Today, I know that 1 out of every 300 children suffers from Hydronephrosis and children can have a normal life. Good Luck



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