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BWIND - January 18

I'm having a baby shower this weekend. It will be a small shower around 10 people. I feel somewhat awkward because my MIL wants to have this shower for her friends.....I barely know them. Anyway, do you normally buy a gift for the people that throw you a shower? If so, what do you give for a gift?


tritty - January 18

my mom and my mother-in-law joined together to have my baby shower. it was really big, a little over 50 people but just to say "thanks" we bought them both $50 gift certificates to Cheesecake Factory so they could have a nice dinner. I don't think you have to buy them a gift it just all depends on what you feel like doing.


firedoor05 - January 19

ooooh yummy i love the Cheesecake Factory!... my mom and cousin threw me my shower, but I really don't have that much money to get them anything big. I thought about definitely sending a thank you card and perhaps a $10 gift certificate to a restaurant and also a framed photo of the lil one when she gets here... dont know if thats okay


DB - January 19

I bought each girl a $50 gift card to the mall so they could buy themselves exactly what they wanted. So, it was 150.00 altogether, but we got so much stuff at the shower that it was worth it. Get whatever you can afford and write a nice thank you and I"m sure they'll appreciate it greatly!!


Sonrisa - January 20

I think a thank you card with a little gift card is nice...but I don't think that for a mil or mother you have to do that. That is so nice that she is doing that for you. I really wish that my MIL or my SIL took the initiative but it did not happen for the wedding a year ago and it did not happen now either. Wow! I just read that DB gave a $50 gift card. That is so generous of you. I had three friends give me the shower and I was only planning on sending them a nice card and treating them to dinner/lunch one day before the baby arrives.



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