Babyshowers When S Yours And What Did You Get

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crystal74 - January 13

my baby shower is tomorrow and my mom is throwing it for me. There is going to be tons of women and children there and i am a little nervous. I am although excited to hang out and get presents.... i registered at babys r us and i check it to see what people have bought and so far only one item has been purchased and it's an outfit. i am scared i'm not going to get the things i need and wanted. so when was your babyshower or when is it and what did you get???


crystal74 - January 13

oh and i'm 33 weeks and 4 days along, what about you?


lilaggie2002 - January 13

Crystal, I have had 3 baby showers and like you I check my registry to see what is being purchased. Alot of people buy the cute stuff, clothes your still left purchasing the necessities. But it's so much fun and its nice that everyone cares so much to get you stuff. The one thing I would say is keep up with all your gift receipts...we accidentally received 3 swings and 2 tummy time mats. So I took them back and was able to put the money toward the necessities. The only thing that we did not get much of was baby lotions, powders etc. I also received only 1 bottle..hehe so we are picking those up in the next week or so. Other than that ...this kid has it all! :) Have fun and good luck!


DDT - January 13

I had my shower at 30 wks. I also registered at Babies R Us and the only person who bought anything off it was my Mom! Weird huh! Well, I got two baby swings (so returned the other one), a changing table, lots of outfits, baby bath stuff (tons! almost too much), lots and lots of baby blankets and recievers...lots of other baby goodies. There were about 25 people at my shower. We had already purchased the crib, travel system, dresser & ba__sinet/portable crib before the shower. We didn't feel right expecting other people to buy these large and expensive items...but that was just our perspective on things. Have fun at your shower!!


mamagoose - January 13

I had mine at 30 weeks too... also registered at Babies 'r Us... I'm the first of my family and friends to have a baby, and I registered for EVERYTHING, even though I didn't expect to get most of the "big ticket" items (which fortunately, the grandparents & great-grandparents are giving us), but I did have tons of inexpensive items on there too...... Anyway, I barely got anything off the registry, I got mostly outfits and about a million bibs and washcloths... which, don't get me wrong, I'm very grateful for, but what I'm getting at is be prepared for the possibility that you might not get a lot of stuff from the registry. I think that if I had friends who had kids, they might have realized how much you need all kinds of "useful" things (like baby baths, bedding, changing table pads, diaper bags, etc) rather than a million size 0 outfits. (I hope it doesn't sound like I'm ungrateful, because really I am and I consider myself lucky my friends threw me a shower!) Anyway, have fun at your shower!


crystal74 - January 13

i know what you mean. we already got tons of hand me down clothes for newborn and his dresser is packed. so on my registry i didn't scan any clothes except for two or three outfits that were to cute to not scan. but i bet i'll get tons of clothes and have no where to put them. oh well, it's the thought that counts. i am very thankful that all these family and friends are coming together for our baby. oh and another question, we're having it at 6:30 at night so are we required to have dinner for them all, cuz we just planned to do finger foods being that it would be too expensive to supply food for all those people. is that bad?


BklynMama - January 14

Crystal- I have NEVER ever been to a baby shower where real food was not served no matter what time it was. In my opinion, just serving finger foods would be a bad idea especially since your shower is at 6:30pm.


tritty - January 15

bklynmama- i'm actually the opposite of you. i've never been to a baby shower where they have "real" food. it's always just some finger foods and cake, that's what's expected. it may be a difference in the areas we live too. if i was going to a shower i wouldn't expect to be fed. you can specify on the invite too that light refreshments will be served so people don't show up with empty stomachs!


BklynMama - January 15

tritty- well maybe your right..depends on where your from I guess. But where im from baby showers are huge parties. Everyone usually rents like a local community center or something. And alot of people show up! With my daughter, we had about 175 people at our baby shower. That was both my & my fiance's friends & family... & alot of people did not show up. And thats about the amount of people that show up to the showers that I attend as of course having such a big event... food is expected. I guess if its only a few people than finger foods it is...


firedoor05 - January 15

I just had my baby shower yesterday at 38wks! about last minute..thanks mom.. lol.. anyways! there were over 30 people there, which was an overwhelming turnout...but surprisingly i only got about 5 items off of my registry! i was a little upset, just because i got a lot of clothes..but i didnt NEED clothes...i needed the things i registered for! I guess you can't expect too much though when people don't RSVP either... I'm really not trying to complain, it was a great baby shower and lots of fun and I got so much stuff....but it makes you wonder why you put the effort into a registry and tell people about it..if they don't even think it's important


crystal74 - January 15

well my baby shower went well. it was fun. i got tons of good stuff. mostly baby clothes and a few big items that really comes in handy and saves us a lot of money. we had 20-25 people there not including kids. we served vege platter, fruit, chips, soda and cake and ice cream. i did feel bad that since it was at 6:30 people were probably hungry but nobody complained and i actually had no dinner and got full of the snacks. my mom spent so much already on the party decorations and she bought this awsome cute little ba__sinett, so i wasn't going to bug her about spending more on food for that many people. but all in all our little lincoln michael made out good. thanks to everyone for responding.


MommyMeg07 - January 15

I'm having a girl, and I pretty much didn't get ANYthing I needed at ALL at either of my baby showers. Everyone just wanted to buy cute little girl clothes. Now, I have more clothes than she'll EVER be able to wear before she outgrows them, and have to spend tons of money on stuff I didn't get. I'm still thankful to everyone, but it IS a pain in the b___t.


chiechie25 - January 16

Most people buy cute outfits, socks, bibs, baby wash, and lotion. I didn't get any diaper rash cream, bottles, hardly any powder and diapers. I got enough baby wash to last for years. I had already bought all the big items myself and I was not registered.


chrissi79 - January 16

I just had mine over a week ago...was pretty late - I'm 38 weeks now!! We received so much stuff...just about everything from our registry, and tons of cute little outfits, sleepers, socks, stuffed animals, and BLANKETS...I have sooo many blankets. It was lots of fun!! some of the stuff is unbelievably cute!!!


crystal74 - January 16

i was thankful to get a few of my items off my registry like the baby monitors, a ba__sinette, bath center/shower, oceanwonders kick and crawl aquarium, infant to toddler rocker, a whole bunch of organic baby toiletries, lots of clothes, blankets, socks. but i agree that mostly what i got was clothes. his dresser is packed and there's more in the closet. i wish i would have gotten a b___st pump, diapers, et. et.


firedoor05 - January 18

yah i was really surprised that only two people bought me diapers! and i received no bottles. again, not complaining i promise! it's just funny how excited people get about buying clothes... tooooo mannyyyy clootthhheesss!!! lol



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