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Patience2008 - August 19

This is my second son and with my first I had solid back labor and never even felt any belly contractions or belly pain, it was all in my back. He broke my tailbone upon delivery as well. Question is, anyone else that has had back labor, did you have regular labors with other pregnancies. Im just wondering if it will be back labor again or if I have a chance of regular labor.


E586467 - August 19

I take it you were made to give birth on your back? That would certainly explain why your tail bone broke. Most women experience back labour when the baby is not in a good position, do LOTS & LOTS of forward leaning to help get the baby in a better position for labour & hopefully you won't experience sooooo much back pain. I had terrible back pain with my 1st (a dd) & learnt about the forward leaning when I was preg with my 2nd (a ds) & luckily he was in a good position cause he was a big baby 9lb 3oz. Also you can try a TENS machine on your back. It attaches to your back with sticky electro pads & works by sending small electric pulses into your back (only where the pads are) which helps block the pain signal reaching your brain. You should be able to find HEAPS of info on the TENS machine through google or another search engine. They are often used in physiotherapy & used for other types of pain & depending on what country you're in, your hospital might have one on hand to show you or be able to give you advise on where to get one or how to use it most efficiently. Goodluck & I hope this helps.


ejmeskan - August 20

Great question Patience...I would like to know this answer too!!!


bettyg - September 5

At my birth cla__s, my teacher recommended the book - Back Labor No More. I was reading it last night and it suggests some simple things you can do to eleviate the pain and get the baby in the right position. Good luck!



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