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chrisc - June 29

This is my second baby and with the first I didn't really have too many problems. This one though I started showing much earlier and my stomach is really out there. I am 35 weeks and my back is killing me all the time. Any suggestions to help?


Revel - June 29

hot tubs work great for me (dr said was ok if i only stay for 5 mins at a time) it really does make ya feel alot better :)


livdea - June 30

any kind of pressure up against my back helps me. especially at night I stuff pillows behind me and that seems to help. but doesn't help with my sciatic nerve. and any warm compress. for the most part I've just given up! though I'm going to get a ma__sage today, I'm hoping that will help loosen me up! oh I HOPE!


karyn - June 30

I had back problems before my pregnancy and they're coming on strong now at week 30. Here are a couple things I do. Buy yourself a body pillow! That will really help you out in the evenings. A hot shower can also do wonders. For stretching I recommend some pre-natal poses (table and cat pose). You can do those at home or the office. You also need to strengthen your pelvic floor. There’s a muscle called the transversus that goes across from hipbone to hipbone. That is what stabilizes the lower back. A physical therapist can help teach you how to strengthen it or there should be some exercises online. Sometimes when you do your Kegel exercises you also end up strengthening the transversus. I'd recommend you let your doctor know about the pain and have them refer you to a PT. Hope this helps!


piratesmermaid - June 30

If you have good water pressure in your shower, aim it right at where it hurts the most on your back and let the water pound on it for a while. Also, if you can find a maternity back brace, yes they're ugly, but they WORK. I had back and hip pain so bad since around my 26th week that I had to go to physical therapy for it, and they gave me a brace there. It really works. You don't have to wear it all the time, or out of the house, just whenever you feel the pain coming on, put it on and relax. Also don't do any housework that causes you to lean over. Dishes, sorting laundry, that sort of thing. I (sadly) had to quit doing those things because my belly was so big I had to lean over just a bit to get it done and that made my back hurt ten times more!


chrisc - June 30

Thanks for all the info. I have a friend who is a physical therapist so I am hoping he can help me out.



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