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tracielee - October 22

my mid-back is killing me! I'm 29 weeks and my belly really isn't that big yet, but i do have a pet_te frame. i can only stay seated for a short time before it starts aching. i have to get up and walk around. does anyone have any tips on releiving or preventing this type of pain? i've heard that certain stretches or yoga really help but i dont know which ones. i don't want to take tylenol or anything because that would only be temporary relief. if i'm only 29 weeks, i can't imagine what it's going to be like in the next couple months!!!


AmberNicole - October 22

I'm 30 weeks, and have been having terrible back pain for a few weeks. I was going to the chiropractor a few times a week and that helped, temporarily. Unfortunately, I don't think there is anything we can do until the babies are born. I'm 5'2 and weighed 97lbs before getting pregnant. This is my 2nd child, but it's a girl, and I'm all belly! I weigh 124, now, but it feels like I weigh 200! I have used a heating pad at home as well.


tish212 - October 22

I was advised by my dr to try the yoga position angry cat...I have used it everyday helps relieve my back ache...I too get a horrible pain in my mid back after sitting...basically the move puts u on all fours...and raise ur vack (like an angry cat) then bend it the opposite way to curve ur spine back the other way....hold it if u can to stretch the muscles...good luck.... :)


Buffi R. - October 24

I had really bad middle back pain about a month ago (I'm 31 weeks now, so this was around 24-28 weeks). I found that sitting with a back support to keep my back as straight as possible helped, and I would also use a heating pad when the pain got worse throughout the day. (My doctor said that was OK to use.) I'd strap it onto the back of my desk chair, right over the back support and it was like heaven. A few weeks ago, the pain became very centralized to the right of my spine, about half way down, and heating pads, Tylenol, etc. did nothing for the pain. I was pretty scared I'd be stuck with that for the rest of the pregnancy, but that pain has gotten a lot better now. I'm thinking I just pulled a muscle there and it needed time to heal. The more generalized back pain is better now too. Maybe my ribs just had to get used to the stretching. Oh, another thing I did for the pain was to sleep on my side with a pillow wedge under my belly to keep my belly from pulling on my back. With all the left side sleeping I was doing, maybe that's how I pulled a muscle before I started to use the pillow.??


tracielee - October 24

thanks ladies, the pain hasn't gone away, but i will add the yoga pose to my exercises. buffi, just as you are saying, i find it's much better if i keep my back straight. so good posture is a must!! I hope it goes away in time. I sleep with a pillow between my legs. i tried once putting the pillow under my belly but it felt so weird that i couldn't sleep. i think you're right about the belly pulling when i'm layingon my left side. i will try a flatter pillow and see if that helps any...


Tory1980 - October 24

Also get checked for a kidney infection. The pain will usually be mid back like you have described. Better to be safe than sorry as it will need treated if that is the case.


Buffi R. - October 24

The pillow I use under my belly is an actual "pregnancy belly wedge" type thing that I found at Babies R Us. It's about 12 inches long so it only fits under your torso, and it's shaped like a wedge with a thick end and a very thin end that tapers to almost nothing. You can put it as far under your belly as you're comfortable with. The farther under it goes, the more your belly will be raised up. It was pretty inexpensive too....less than $15 if I remember right. I use a regular pillow between my knees as well most nights.



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