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angela - August 17

i'm 35 weeks and no matter how i sit or lay, my mid back hurts. not sharp pain, but dull annoying constant pain. OB says its normal and to use better posture. any help anyone?


Heidi - August 18

Try a warm bath or a back ma__sager. Mine pain is in my upper back for some odd reason. She told me it's from bad posture and to try to sit better but I can't!!!! She showed me some stretching exercises too that help sometimes. Sometimes just getting up and moving around helps.


Julie - August 18

I am 32 weeks and a very small person. This is my second pregnancy and I feel like it has totally taken over my body. I get about 2-3 hours of sleept at night because my back is killing me. We have a really good mattress and I've tried the pregnancy body pillow but all I do is wrestle with that all night long. I am miserable and have a 3 year old to take care of! I don't know how I am going to last another 8 weeks.


Jessica - August 18

Mine hurts very bad too. I'm 36 weeks along and it seems to get worse the farther you get. I relieve it by changing postions. I try laying on my back or side(sitting is the worst for me) also a warm bath helps.


Carol - August 18

I wake up with back pain in the night as well. My friend is a chiropractor and recommended something called Biofreeze. It is just menthol. My doctor said it was fine and it works great. It really helps with the sciatic nerve pain as well.


S. - August 18

Julie, I have the same situation- I am onl 5 ft tall and this pregnancy has taken over, I cant believe the amt. of back pain I have and its all the time. I get 3 hrs of sleep a night as well... its insane . and I have 5-6 weeks left. I dont know how youre doing it with a 3 yr old! Tylenol helps but I refuse to take it every day, I dont want to keep taking it. ugh... The only place I can sleep now is on the couch, diaganol so my side and back are propped up. Pillows under arms, under neck, legs etc. And the baby doesnt like when I sleep on my back (not flat of course, propped up with plenty of pillows), he kicks me like crazy! but If I sleep on my side my back hurts way worse. I cant walk to the bathroom without it feeling like my back is in a vice.. ack.. I cant wait to deliver in a few weeks!


Julie - August 18

To S. I know what you mean have tried laying on my back as well but it makes me dizzy and nauseated. The only way I can get any comfort is sitting up and I just can't sleep that way. I just try to keep myself busy during the day in hopes that I will just forget about the pain but I find myself walking around like a zombie. I swear I could fall asleep at the dinner table. With my first pregnancy it was never this bad. I am 5'2" and was 100 lbs. prepregnancy and my husband says he things my body has reached it's limit! I agree! I am not doing this again!


S. - August 18

Julie- LUCKILY, we only ever wanted one child only. we are both only children so thats what we planned. good thing too, cause I dont think I could ever do this again either. I am glad to do it the once and cant wait to meet this baby, but I cant see how I could handle it again. as for gettng dizzy, then you shouldnt sleep that way, it probably means youre restricting blood flow from the extra weight on your vena cava (main artery/vein from your heart that runs down behind the uterus). I sleep practically sitting up every night. The couch is it for me from 3 weeks ago till the next 6 weeks. I am only 5ft tall, but started a bit heavier than you, partially cause I am VERY top heavy, I was in a 36 F bra, so my b___bs weigh a TON. NOW theyre HUGER than before, I am in a 40 G! So that coupled with my ever expanding stomach makes it impossible to walk due to the back pain. Ive always escaped a bad back by wearing very expensive very good supportive bras, so I never got those cla__sic back aches from a supersized chest. But now all I can wear are sports bras, and with the extra weight, loosening of the tendons from pregnancy, and the difference in posture from being pregnant, my back is in agony all the time and I get no sleep. I can sympathyze. Is this your first baby too?


S. (corrected post!) - August 18

I meant is this your last baby too then, lol, not first, sorry. You wll have two total then! Lol!



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