Back Pain Chiropractor Or Massage

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Monica - August 24

I'm 32 weeks and I'm getting some killer back pain. Hurts to walk, can't get comfortable lying downor sitting, can't stay in any position I stay in for more than 30 mins (sitting or standing). Just wonderingif you think it would helpme more to go see a chiropractor (to adjust my back) or get a massage?


C - August 24

As a physical therapist, I would not advise you to go to the chiro. Your joints are so lax right now that I think it would do more harm than good. Try the ma__sage, as it is less forceful and risky to your spine.


miranda - August 24

What works for me as soon as you get the pain under control is walking. If I keep walking every day I don't get any back pain, and as soon as I stop it starts to hurt.


Monica - August 25

Well, I used to crack my back alot before I was pregnant, but now that I'm so big I just can't twist like that anymore :P Now it feels like my back is out of place and just needs a good cracking. I'm not sure if a ma__sage would do anything. I've heard of other pregnant women getting thier backs 're-adjusted' ... does anyone know what that's about?


pbj - August 25

Monica, I think you should let your doctor know...he/she can give a prescription to see a physical therapist. I am having horrible back pain, my doctor sent me to a physical therapist. What's even better, usually insurance will pay for it. I have never heard about pregnant women getting their backs "readjusted"...sorry maybe someone else has.


Jennifer - August 25

I too think you should tell your doc. I think a chiro is a bad decision unless your doc recommended you see one, which most chiros would probably have you get a referral from your doc but im not sure. good luck!


Monica - August 25

I've been seeing a chiropractor for the last 18 months. The system used is Network Spinal a___lysis, it's very gentle and there's no pulling about. I would def recommend it. I'm now 30 weeks and am still going.


Heidi - August 25

I had to use a back ma__sager on my upper back a few times after work because I sit all day. My doc told me to get up and move around every 30 minutes but I don't. There's no where to really go! I do stretches more at my desk which seems to help and walking helps too. Some days are just worse than others.


To Monica - August 26

I had back pain too. Go have a professinoal prenatal ma__sage. Make sure that the therapist is certified and enjoy. I was so glad that my husband insisted I have it. It was great. I don't think that you should go a chiropractor while pregnant but if you are still unsure I would ask you're doctor. Mine told me to go for the ma__sage and to enjoy. Oh, and remember after the ma__sage drinks lots of water like three or four bottles.... Ma__sages release toxins into your body you'll get sick if you don't drink the water.


C - August 26

"To Monica" is right about the water- drink lots of it post-ma__sage so you won't be as sore. :)



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