Back Pain Amp Pregnancy Massage

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Buffi R. - October 4

I'm 28 weeks, and for the past month, I've had some mild back pain across the center of my back, right along the bottom of my rib cage. The pain was pretty consistent all the way across. I have an office/desk job with lots of computer use, and late in the afternoons the pain would come on while I worked at my desk. I found that using a heating pad the last few hours of the day (with my doctor's approval) helped immensely. In the last week though, the pain has gotten much worse and it seems to be in a more specific area now. It's just to the right of my spine about half way down my back. The pain radiates towards the right and even into my right shoulder a little. I'm right handed so I use that side more often, but I don't know if that's the reason. The heating pad just doesn't help the pain anymore so I scheduled a pregnancy massage for this Saturday. Anyone else had one of these? Did it help after just one, or do you have them routinely now? Could the pain be from anything more serious, something I shouldn't be ignoring? It seems odd that it's centralized on the right side now when it was more evenly spaced before.


docbytch - October 4

Buffi I have had ma__sages throughout this pg. I just go to the same person who has done this for me for a long time. They do help.


Tink - October 4

i had similar pain and went and saw a chiropractor and that helped some. now my pain is really more muscle pain- from the big belly pulling my sides and so it hurts under my rib area on my sides and back. i use an ice pack per the chiro at night and that helps some. i also got a better chair at work, sit up straight, don't hunch over and use tons more pillows at night in addition to my prego pillow. always prop your belly up, so it isn't pulling down and straining our side/back. it has gotten slightly better, but not a ton. i have a desk job too and i work more than 8 hours a day sitting in front of my pc. i do get to work from home once a week (today, yeah), so i lay on the couch then. really, i just deal with it- i am 35w now and the pain started probably around when you are now.


Brendansmom - October 4

It sounds just like what I had starting at about 22 weeks during my 1st pregnancy. It felt like a stabbing pain in the right side of my back that would shout around to the front of my rib cage. I felt it most when I was sitting. I would be in tears by the time I got to work. I ended up going to physical therapy twice a week for the remainder of my pregnancy. I was told it was a muscle that was being stretched in a funny way. I'm just now starting to feel it again and I'm almost 29 weeks. I would suggest using an ice pack and I hope for your sake that it's not the same thing. This pain was actually worse than labor!


Buffi R. - October 4

Thanks ladies! From reading your posts, I'm starting to think this is caused by my efforts to lay on my left side at night. Like Tink said, I should prop my belly up so it isn't pulling down on my side muscles. I don't use a pillow under my belly yet, just between my knees on some nights, so maybe that's the problem. Thanks for everyone's suggestions!!



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