Back Pain And Feeling Itchy

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missy046 - October 28

I have a couple of questions I hope no minds. I am 35 weeks pregnant and yesterday I developed the worst lower back pain I have had in my life. I now understand why people with chronic back pain are disabeled. I have been taking 1000mg of Tylenol at a time which does work for 4-6hrsbut when it the pain comes back it is excrusiating. I have urine test strips and the urine comes back good. I have also had a lot of nausea and some vomiting. I didn't have much morning sickness so the vomiting is new to me. Should I worry and has anyone else expierenced this? My next problem/question is that tonight I started to feel itchy all over. I have no marks or redness and I have not changede soap or anything like that. Has this happened to anyone else?


Cevvin - October 28

I cant really help you on the back pain expect call your doc and see if they can send you to physical therapy or maybe give you something stronger for the pain. Now the itchyness. I got really itchy with my first before i got the rash. The Aveno oatmeal baths helped for a bit, then i had to start taking benadryl. Use lots of lotion that doesn't have fragrence in it. Limit your showers if you have hard water. And wear cottons.


Tory1980 - October 28

Bck pain - especially one that returns or seems constant along with vomiting can be signs of labour. As for the itchiness I was diagnosed at 35weeks with Inhepatic Cholstasis and had to be induced at 37weeks due to the risk to both me and baby. It is a simple blood test and would be worth getting it done just in case. I didn;t have a rash but I scratched myself raw - to the point of drawing blood. This started around 29weeks and got worse. I am not sure about the pain meds as we are told to take nothing stronger than paracetamol and only then when we need to here. Doctors dont like us having any form of medication during pregnancy unless necessary. I would go and get checked out asap.



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