Back Pain And Mobility

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Roary - May 16

Does anyone else have this problem ( I would really appreciate hearing from anyone who deals with this): If I stand for any period of time or try to walk more than a little way the pain and pressure in my lower back (and hip) gets so intense that I have to laydown/sit/stop myself from audibly groaning. I don't know if this is because the baby is very big, low and posterior or something else. Just as a side note: All the women in my father's family have preterm births. My father was born at 34 weeks, all my cousins of my father's sister were born at 28 weeks. So I am just wondering if this pain (and pain response) is common, or something I should be concerned by ? It has left me nearly housebound. Sciatic Nerve perhaps? Thanks for any insight.


Roary - May 16

btw: I am 33 weeks pregnant.


torbman - May 16

Roary, what does the doc say? I am 30 weeks pregnant, and my back aches and my hip on my right is killing me.could be a number of things .. Baby getting bigger, ligaments streching, hips adjusting for birth, baby sitting on a nerve. Have you found anything that works for you, like a pillow between your lega when you lie down? or sometimes I try and stretch it out by opening my legs to stretch as far as you can. Give it a try if you haven't , might help for you. Is this your first? This is my third, and I notice the pain more now then I did with my girls 8 years ago.


Roary - May 17

I haven't actually asked my doctor as yet. Everytime I go in they say I am very healthy (in terms of bp, urine sample, growth etc) but I haven't really mentioned anything more then having a little cramping and BH. I really should ask them at my next visit. For a while a mixture of pillows placed strategically and laying down helped. Now I have also developed annoying persistent cervical pain which I think is the baby having just dropped a bit. I can't get rid of it. The only thing that helps at all is resting. Leg exercises and etc didn't help. This is my first baby but I have had 2 second trimester miscarriages before this pregnancy, and I know that whenever I have overdone it during the entire duration of this pregnancy (or even tried to function like a normal individual) I would get this cervical pain and the only thing to ameliorate it was/is laying down. Is your baby more on the right side? Mine is and that hip is way worse.


kh - May 17

Roary, I had that too. I had my baby 3 1/2 weeks ago and now the pain is gone. I think her head was resting on my lower-back because I couldn't stand or walk without unbearable pain. I was always hunched over when I walked. Sitting or laying down were fine though.


moucheka - May 17

Babies are heavy! You are carrying a bowling ball in your tummy so yes, your muscles will hurt. I am currently 27 weeks and one thing that really helps me is an elastic support belt. It has velcro in three places and goes under your bump and lets your tummy muscles relax a bit and therefore your back. I bought mine at motherhood maternity $15.


Roary - May 17

kh: Out of curiousity what position was your baby when you went into labour? I wish I was close enough to labour that I could see a prompt end to this discomfort. Moucheka: I may verywell look into such a device.


camgray02 - May 19

I've had the same terrible back and hip pain since around 27weeks! My right hip got so terrible i had to use a walking cane just to get up and around the house. Like u, Roary, i was housebound for about 10 days.. I asked a rehab med md-friend of mine, and he said it's a lot of things: the weight gain, the ligaments stretching, b___t muscle spasm. He said hot compress won't do much as the muscles are too deep, so he said my dh should ma__sage my b___t and low back every day for about 5 times, 5-10mins each time (wow! what a treat! LOL). And it did work for me.. although the first few times, i really had to endure the ma__sage since the area was really tender and painful even to the slightest touch.. Now is still get those painful jabs, but i'm not housebound anymore. btw, i'm 32 weeks now. hope this helps.. anyway, we're on the homestretch! just a few more weeks to go.. good Luck and take care... :-)



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