Back Pain That Comes And Goes

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disneymommy79 - December 23

I am 35 weeks and the last 2 days I have been getting back pain that is coming and going. I want to say like maybe back contractions???? I'm not sure. I went yesterday to the doctor and he did an exam and said that I'm closed but looks soft. He just did the GBS test and looked in side and didn't do a pelvic so I don't know but baby is head down and when he was feeling his head it was very low in my pelvic area on the out side. today I have been getting the pain off and on and also getting sharp pain in my va___a I would almost say it feel like baby is punching his way through. Any thoughts :\ This is my 3rd but its been a long long long time since I have done this. And to be honest was induced the last 2 times so I don't know if this is early signs of my body getting ready for labor.


KMo311 - December 24

This also is my third and just like you i was induced for both of them. i am 34 weeks an 5 days. I have been getting the back pain too and last night i had two true contractions. when i got up and moved around they went away but the two i had i had to breath through.Its so disapointing when the doctor tells you that nothing has changed and you know you haven't been feel good lately it was all for nothing. Anyways if it helps at all.. i know that effacement is really important. if you cervix is getting softer then that is really good. you need the effacement to get the dialation. At 37 weeks my sister started to drink rasberry tea. it didn't set her in labor but helped her cervix to get ready for a shorter labor. Good luck and Happy Holidays


clm82 - December 24

The back pain could be a sign of early labor, but if your dr checked you and said that your cervix has not dialated, then I would not worry about it to much. When it starts, you can try getting up and walking around. If you start having contractions and getting up and they stop if you get up and move around, then they are not real contractions. Real contractions are going to get stronger and more frequent when you get up and move. I am on bedrest for that reason. Whenever I get up and walk around I start having contractions pretty bad(even with the meds to stop them). I have been in preterm labor since 31 weeks. At that time, I was having the lower back pain as well as menstrual like cramps. However, I went to the dr and was 50% effaced and 1 cm dialated. I have been on bedrest and meds ever since to stop the labor. I am 36 weeks now and I am 90% effaced, 2 cm dialated, and 0 station. My little boy is doing everything he can to be here for Christmas, and I am doing what I can to make him wait. Hope this is not an indication of the future. :) GL with the backpain. Maybe you could try to light ma__sage to help it as well.


byansmommy - December 26

well i've been having the same thing cause when i went into labor last saturday i didnt know that i was in labor until i got to the hospital but i was just having severe back pain it was constant but then it would peak so im thinking that i was having cramping and contractions at the same time but thats what i had with my daughter cause all i remember is this god awful back pain that would never go away and disney this could be signs that your getting close for labor cause your u/s can be two weeks off so then your really 37w cause im postive that mine is off by exactly two weeks because i've always measured what my original due date said cause when i went in last week they said that i was only 37w but i was measuring 39 and my original due date was two days after that so you could be closer then what you think but good luck and take care


AmyJenell - December 26

The back pain sucks. This is also my third child. My first boy and last child. I am 37 weeks now and 2 cm dilated. My belly is so big now, that I have to arch my back backwards to hold myself up. I think that is where most of my pain is coming from. I have also been having the contractions and a few back contractions. I make my husband ma__sage the lower portion of my back. It really doesn't help, but it makes him feel like he is doing! Have you considered seeing a chiropractor? They can do wonderful things for pregnant women. Also deep tissue ma__sages from a ma__sage therapist are wonderful. If your back pain lasts a long time, I would talk to your doctor about it. Maybe they are never know. Good luck to you! Hope you feel better!


Kristin11 - December 26

With my daughter i had back pains too and didnt relize i was in labor till my water broke and i went to the hospital and i was already 4cm dialated. Try to time the pains and lay down and see if your entire uterus hardness with them. Good luck!!



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