Backache Anyone

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gina143 - February 25

My back has been killing me since before I got out of bed this morning... The top and mid back hurt like h__l!! It eased up and now its my mid and lower back! I cant get comfy no matter what I do... Anyone else? how long is this gonna last??


xoxticiaxox - February 25

Oh yess, dont you love this part. Since my baby dropped at 31 weeks, my back has ached soooo badly...and it doesnt stop...I get my hubby to rub it for me with creme...helps a bit...but it doesnt make it go away,....good luck


excited2bemama - February 25

I'm only 26 weeks and my back is constanly aching.. I imagine it only gets worse as the baby gets heavier and drops lower....


Tracy88 - February 25

I am now 28 weeks and I have had severe back pain for about a month already, ironically in the mid to upper back. It got so bad that the doctor prescribed me codeine for it, and physical therapy. The pain has started to subside now, some days are better than others. Today has not been so good. Try five minutes of heat only and have someone (DH) do a nice five to ten minute ma__sage. That's what they do for me in therapy, and it helps a little.


missycc4 - February 26

I'm 40 weeks and the pain keeps me from getting things done. I hate it. I take long hot showers. helps for a little but then the pain comes back and I'm down once again. The pain started when my baby dropped at 34 weeks. I had my back ajusted but still hurts. it also deoends on how your baby is laying inside.


conniebearzy - February 26

My guy rubbing my back with a tennis ball helps a ton.


nanders - February 26

I get this too! Horrible pain in my mid to upper back. my ma__sage therapist reccommended putting two tennis in a sock and making sure they are about an inch apart and tie it into a knot. then lie on them with the space between the b___s where your spine is. It takes awhile to find the spot where it hurts, and it will hurts like crazy bad, but when you do lean into it, you will have to move around a little and it will hurt pretty bad at first, but the counter pressure is the only thing that makes it go away!!! After that ice!!! then heat if need be, in that order. I don't know why but this is the only thing that has worked for me! Good luck!


Tracy88 - February 26

Thanks for all the tips ladies. I'm going to try them all!



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