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Nurs2b21 - September 28

So, I went for my normal check up today and found out I have bacterial vaginosis. I've really been cramping and it scares me. She prescribed Flagyl for me to take. Has anyone else had this during pregnancy?? I've had this before I was pregnant. I really hate taking the drugs though...she said it was safe but everytime I take them I feel really bad. I just hope the baby is okay. Any advice?


DDT - September 28

Yes, I had it when I was 14 wks pregnant. I had NO symptoms and didnt even know I had it until my PAP results came back. I was put on antibiotics 3x a day for a week. It cleared up and I never had it again for the rest of my pregnancy. There is a slight chance of going into pre-term labour if you have BV but because you're on medication it should clear up and if it doesn't they will put you on different antibiotics. I also had GBS and had to have antibiotics given to me via drip during my labour.


Nurs2b21 - September 29

I didn't even know I had it either....I just complained of some cramping that came on all the sudden. Last night I didn't get ANY's like all the sudden I've got all these symptoms of it now. My lower back hurts so bad and I am cramping. It's like when you have a UTI. Was you this way? I can't find anything about cramping or back pain with bacterial vaginosis...just a UTI but she said it was bacterial vaginosis and I'm not having any trouble peeing.


DDT - September 29

Nope I never had any of those symptoms you're having. My discharge increased and it had a slightly green tinge to it. No cramping or back pain. I would call your doc and tell them how you feel. You may have a UTI but its always best to get the advice of your ped. GL. Let is know what s/he says.


Buffi R. - October 1

I agree, call your doctor and tell them about the cramping and back pain. I had BV in my first pregnancy at 32 weeks. I was put on antibiotics that I started the night it was diagnosed. One of the side effects on the product label was "the feeling of menstrual cramps" so the next morning when I started getting menstrual-like cramps I wasn't too surprised. They got worse and worse throughout the day and closer together. Turns out in my case they were real labor pains and I had my son that night. I also ended up having a placental abruption that wasn't diagnosed until the placenta was delivered. We have no idea if the BV or placental abruption or both put me into labor. My only symptoms were increased v____al discharge that got more & more waterty over a week, which is why I got checked out at the end of that week. It got so bad I eventually thought my water had broken. I also don't know if the watery discharge was from the BV, or if it was an early sign of labor. But don't make the mistake I did and a__sume that any symptoms you're having are just from the infection. BV can and does cause preterm labor sometimes, and you need to find out for sure what's going on. The placental abruption I had made it impossible to stop my labor, but if you're in labor, they'll probably be able to stop yours with proper treatment. My son is a healthy five year old now, but we had some pretty intense complications from his early birth.


Nurs2b21 - October 1

Thanks for all the advice! I talked to my doctor and she said that everything was fine and she also said that BV can cause some cramping but I haven't been able to find that as a symptom...only for the UTI. I'm on the 4th day of my medicine and haven't had anymore cramping or back pain. That night was really scared me. I go back next week so hopefully it will be cleared up!



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