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Erin - February 9

OK so I had my 38 week check up today, but I am actually 37 weeks 6 days. Anyway I had my cervix checked two weeks ago and was told that I would be checked again today.. (I was 2 cm and 50%)// the thing is that I go to a military hospital so I don't always get to see the same "doctors" all the time, and I put doctors in quotes because you very rarely get to see a real doctor, mostly nurse-pract_tioners and the occasional resident. So anyway I saw a nurse pract_tioner today that I had never seen before, and she was obviously running late. She had the technician feel for the baby's position and get the heartbeat, then she measured my belly and told me to make another appointment next week. I asked her about checking my cervix and she gave me a bunch of stupid reasons not to.. her biggest argument seemed to be that it was too early as I was not 38 weeks yet. At 38 weeks, she said, she could check me and even strip my membranes if I wanted... but I'm only 1 day away from 38 weeks. Would 12 hours magically make a difference in whether it was "appropriate" for me to be checked?? No... she just wanted to get me to leave and didn't want to spend the time with me. She didn't even welcome my questions.. she actually got up while I was asking her questions and opened the door as if to say "Ok, time is up, get out.." All this after I waited 45 minutes in the waiting room, she spent a good 5 minutes with me. All she did was measure my belly and tell me to leave!! I'm infuriated.. needless to say I asked specifically NOT to see this woman at my next appointment, there are plently of other providers that I can see.. just mad.. writing this makes me feel a little bit better


Kiddolebel - February 9

Hun I totally feel for you. I never ONCE saw a actual "dr" either when I was pregnant with my son. I had him through the military too. I had high blood pressure for almost TWO months and they kept making up excuses too. They never wanted to check me, I always had to beg them too. FINALLY at the end of my pregnancy (wk 40) they said "well we're gonna induce you because of your blood pressure, no point keeping you pregnant now". I had a 9.6 lb baby 23 inches...they knew he was huge the whole time because I was measuring 2 weeks ahead every appt. BUT they think they know better. Just try to hang in there and if you feel like you need checked you can even go to a civilian hospital ER. They wont turn you away and YES your medical will cover it. Im going through civilian drs with this baby. Here in Maryland they give military choices of who they want. I was supposed to go to National naval medical center bethesda but I refused to have another military birth, so now i go to johns hopkins. You really can tell the difference in the treatments thats for sure. The military just doesnt care about us spouses when it comes to prenatal care. At least most of them dont. Hang in there though hun, two more weeks....have lots of s_x and eat your spicy food =)


Erin - February 9

Thanks Kiddolebel.. I keep thinking that they're overlooking things.. like if they would check me and pay more attention to me maybe they could avoid problems like the baby being too big or in the wrong position.. I keep thinking they're not going to know that anything is wrong until it's too late and I'm going to have to have an emergency C-section or emergency induction.. Now I have had a couple of nurse-pract_tioners who were very nice and spent their time with me.. but this was earlier in my pregnancy when things like this weren't really an issue. Anyway this hospital (Wiford Hall in San Antonio) is supposed to be one of the best in the country as far as neonatal care, so that is a definite plus side. Lots of babies get flown in for treatment from all over the place.. this one lady just gave me a c___ppy att_tude towards their OBGYN sector.. she is a Colonel, I wonder if she's just stuck up or something.. anyway I hope that the provider I see next week will be much better..


Shana - February 10

Erin, I read your post and I had to respond! I had my daughter through the military and it was the worst experience ever. I had pre-eclampsia my entire pregnancy and everytime I went to the hospital, I saw a different person. I won't say doctor b/c I never saw a real doctor. They never seemed concerned. I wished I had known at the time that I could go to a civilian hospital b/c I would have changed in a second. Luckily, my daughter was ok, after being induced for toxemia and pre-eclampsia but it was not a good experience. The after care was awful too. No one even came to see me until 24 hours after I had her, not even a nurse. I think they forgot I was there. I can't offer you much advice, just wanted to say I've been there too.


kiddolebel - February 10

Glad im not the only one who had a bad experience with military births. My son was a shoulder dystocia baby thanks to them not listening to me about the baby being so darn big! All the complications we could avoid if those nurses would just pay attention to us. I really hope that you have a better appointment next week erin and that you have NO complications with this baby. Just keep sticking to your gut. I kept bothering them over and over and over again once I hit 40 wks 2 days about my blood pressure and they finally caved....but then acted like they were doing ME the favor. BLAH. Just follow your gut. YOU know when there is something wrong, its just pestering them enough to get what you want.


Alycia - February 10

Hi, another military wife here. I started out my pregnancy at the post hospital, but I was getting the shoddiest treatment. At 14 weeks, they hadn't even given me an appointment to see anyone, even though I went in and got a positive test right at 4 weeks! All they did was bloodwork - they didn't even weigh me, check my blood pressure, or do the urine dipstick thing. I got fed up and found a midwife off post (I'm low risk), and I'm giving birth at home. I was pleased to find out that they lose approximately $9,000 for every woman who doesn't use their OB department.


Hannah - February 10

unbelievable.. that's all i can say.. the nerve of her.



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