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jb - January 11

I am in a bad mood today. I went to the doctors yesterday and I have already gained 33 pounds, and I am only 35 weeks. I still have 5 weeks to go. I feel like I have been pregnant forever!!! They did an internal and said my cervix is still tightly closed. I was hoping for at least a little progress, even though its still kinda early. Im just mad. Im tired, and FAT. I feel like I will never lose the weight after the baby is born. I will probably go way past my due date, which will really suck!!! Im ready now. The baby hasnt even dropped. She is sitting way high up near my rib cage! Okay now I feel better. Anyone else need to vent???


Emy - January 11

You sound exactly like me!!!! Oh can I relate! She is still really high near my ribs and I want her to drop...I thought I might be able to go a little early cause I am pet_te but she just keeps growing. I am eating well but have put on 35 lbs at 35 weeks and I feel like a cow because of my small frame! My face looks fat (hello double chin!) and I am just feel horrible in these maternity clothes which don't seem to fit right. Now, that I have vented maybe we could look on the bright side of things: we have beautiful, healthy babies who will be in arms before the end of next month! Although it seems eons away it will be all be worth it when we hold them in our arms!


jb - January 11

Thanks Emy. You are right! I should look on the bright side of things. I am looking forward to seeing my little one. I did just get more bad news. The company who is supposed to be fixing our roof, just called my husband and said they cant do it. I just want to get it fixed so we can sell our house and make some money off of it to buy a new one. I am really p__sed now that they cant do it. Oh well, I will just keep thinking of my precious baby.


Meredith - January 11

If it makes you feel any better, I gained 30 pounds in my pregnancy, but the last month I did not gain a single is a possibility that you have gained all the weight you are going to gain.


Heather - January 11

I agree with Meredith.. I only gained 3 lbs my last month. Your babys slows in growth and you consume less food. They are all done developing now... just putting on hopefully all the lbs will go to the baby, and not you!!


andrea - January 11

emy- I hear you on the double chin. I have looked at myself in the mirror and wondererd if it had always been their or if I've gotten it since I've been pregnant. Jb- it doesn't really matter if cervix hasn't changed. That can happen overnight. And since you're probably going to the doc every week , I'm sure in the coming week or so things will change. as for the weight thing- it will fall off. you're probably sick of hearing that, but it's true. People have said that it doesn't seem like I've been pregnant for that long and I say oh yeah-I was pregnant at the fair, the k.c. b-b-cue,4th of july,your b-day, my-day,this b-day, that b-day,halloween, so-in-so's wedding, thanksgiving, x-mas,new year's. Then they say wow-you have been pregnant for awhile. Damn right I have! Valentines Day will be the last event I'll be pregnant for. YIPPIE!


sarahlorrain - January 11

I'm in a bad mood just cause I'm in a bad mood, nothing really to do with my pregnancy or weight gain. Just my hormones I guess. It seems like my kids are plotting on how to get on my nerves the most!! I'm 37 weeks and I'm just ready for my baby. I've gained 39 pounds, by the way. My 34th week I didn't gain any weight, then the 35th week only one pound...then last week 5 pounds!! Weird, huh?? Just remember, we are about to have our babies; I'm getting to impatient. I think alot of my bad mood is my inability to get all my chores done without getting out of breath of tired.


Annette - January 11

YES, YES, YES... to make things worse I have not been able to breath properly for the past 2 weeks and I am totally sleep deprived, just to enhance my bad mood. My baby riverdances my ribcage night and day and now I feel extremely sore and can´t get confortable in any position anatomically posible. Yesterday a dumb b___h asked me if I am having twins and killed my last trace of positive att_tude. I am also 35 weeks and now 5 weeks to go seem like forever in addition to the feeling that I have been pregnant for too long. I am so glad to hear I am not alone! :)))


Ginny - January 11

I feel you, sister!! I was the biggest witch in the WORLD to my husband last night. He cooked my supper, packed my lunch, and gave me a foot rub and I thought he was being completely obnoxious. I ended up crying myself to sleep because I even got on my own nerves. JB, thanks for goving me some company to share my misery!


jb - January 11

Thanks everyone. At least I know Im not the only one who is fat and uncomfortable. And dont get me started on rude comments from co-workers and complete strangers. If I get asked if Im having twins or hear another comment about how big I am, I will kill someone.


Chris - January 11

I've been getting grouchier by the day. I feel sorry for my husband. I told him it will only get worse. One thing did ceer me up today. I finally bought 2 nursing bras and they are so comfortable. My old bras were killing me.


Jana - January 11

Ladies- do not worry about your weight too much! I gained 32 lbs (doc recommended I only gain 18-20 cuz I was pretty small), but I lost 25 lbs in the first week! I am now working out to get rid of the rest, but most of my clothes already fit, and I feel super thin compared to how I felt durring pregnancy LOL! Just hang in there and stop worrying. Good luck to you all!


sarahlorrain - January 11

YES!! WOOHOO!! I am super excited about my nursing bra too! It is the most comfy bra I have ever had!


Heather F - January 11

Jana - it is so refreshing to hear that you lost so much weight to quick and that its possible to bounce back so quick, I really really hope that is the case for me!


the redhead Mary - January 11

Last night i was real bad too! I cried myself to sleep because my man was already sleeping so i couldnt vent on him only 32 weeks 3 days,,,,but WHOS COUNTING?? HAHHAHA....I hope i have this baby around 37 weeks...Oh please god.... I have no idea whati have gained.... I knew right away if i kept track of that i would drive myself completely batty..all i know is i can only sit for a few hours without my right rib ligaments THROBBING.... so as much as id like to get stuff done.... I survive the days very lonely at home resting....I even kept my son out of kindergarten today so id have someone to hang with...hahaha..we made christmas cookies one last time...yahhh mommies!!!


Ginny - January 12

Cookies sound so FREAKIN' good right now!!! I could eat 2 dozen chocolate chip ones straight from the oven and hot and gooey! I know what I'm doing after work.


shea - January 13

I always know I'm getting close to the end of the pregnancy when I hit the perma bad mood stage. It doesn't matter what happens, it's bound to p__s me off. Don't give up hope that you are fated to have a late baby (though it's possible). I had no BH contractions whatsoever before my son was born and I was dilated to a tight 1 at my 37 week appt. Next thing I knew, my water broke and I had my son at 38 weeks! And the weight does come off! I was able to squeeze tightly back into my regular jeans about 8 weeks after my son was born, however, my hips had widened enough that I never did really fit back into them very well. I ended up buying a size larger. But the weight continued to drop off (pretty fast at first, and then slowed) although it was a full nine months before I was really back to my prepregnancy weight. (I was also nursing.) I'm now 35 weeks and my poor husband has learned not to comment on certain topics for fear of getting his head bitten off. The best part is that as soon as the baby's born, a lot of that quickly goes away!



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