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aaaaaaaaaa - February 26

Its kind of early for me, as I'm only 30w but I'm a planner! What do you ladies suggest packing in the hospital bag? I'll be having a c-section so I will be there for a few days I guess. My thoughts: A couple pairs of PJ's for the little one, a couple pairs of PJ's for myself, slippers, pads, personal stuff (deodorant, tooth paste, etc)... anything else? Some people say definately bring your own pillow, so maybe I'll do that, along with a book and my laptop (because I'm a workaholic). Anyone else have any suggestions?


redhead125 - February 26

Sounds good to me. What about movies or a deck of cards to help pa__s the time whlie you're waiting? Also, I'm not bothering with PJs for myself--I figure there will be plenty of yuckiness going on and I would rather possibly soil the hospital's garments rather than my own. I am packing slippers and a robe for myself.


chriss - February 26

I brought everything you mentioned plus socks and nursing pads, even if you aren't nursing you may find that you leak a little. OH and if you have longer hair, bring an elastic!!


Carly67 - February 26

Your baby will not need PJs while he is in the hospital in fact they do not like anything on the baby except what they do in the hospital. I always wanted to put socks on my baby but the hospital doesn't like that. Your baby will be in a diaper and undershirt and swaddled in receiving blankets. I bring shower shoes or flip flops as I have heard a lot of stories of staph infection and will not walk barefoot in bathroom or shower. I still feel this way even though my hospital has all private new postpardem rooms with private bathrooms and showers. The baby will need a going home outfit and proper outerwear. You will need a going home outfit and as for pads they will supply you with those heavy duty pads. I bring the baby book to fill in while you are in the hospital. Make sure you have a camera and DVD camera to get those first few days.


laurenl - February 26

Hey EJ. Are you going to be getting a Boppy for nursing? If so, I've heard to make sure and bring that! Also a hat for the baby to keep their body temperature where it should be. They'll probably give you one, but you may have a cuter one :)


Tammy276 - February 26

If you are having a c-section a lot of people suggest wearing a nightgown instead of regular pj's...that way you don't have anything tight around the waiste.


mary b - February 26

Bring a take home outfit for the baby.


xoxticiaxox - February 26

I looked online for a list, and they gave me a pretty good one.


Kristin11 - February 27

With my dd i brought a night gown and robe, for after delivery. I brought slipper socks, the floor is really cold!! Be sure to bring lotion, shammpoo, toothpaste ect and any other toletries. Also a brush, and make up if you want to look presentable after delivery for the many hordes of visiting people. Also when packign your going home outfit make sure it is something non tight and dont expect to be back into your prematernity clothes right away. Bring the baby a going home outfit and maybe even two babies are messy, also diapers and wipes, especially if you are not going straight home. Bring any bottles or formula that you may need if you are not b___stfeeding or the hospital will just start your baby on what evr type they supply. You can also bring a book, cards and other entertainment items, it is boring in a hospital. Camera is a must have!!


mira - February 27

^^^ do you have the site ticia?


xoxticiaxox - February 27

htt p://ww m/refcap/pregnancy/childbirth/ ml here it is, just take all the spaces out and it should work.


laurenl - February 27

Don't know why I put Hey EJ...sorry aaaaaaaaaa


cubbie - February 27

For my dd (2 years ago) I packed everything including the kitchen sink and used practically nothing! I'm now 38 weeks and this is what is in my bag: slippers, socks and robe for walking around the hospital after birth (use the hospital nightwear, you'll bleed alot and so why soil your own!), disposable underwear (or if cheaper buy a packet of panties that you will throw away), flip flops for the shower, toiletries - shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb and deoderant. nursing bra, b___st pads, nipple cream (if you're planning to nurse) pads (although the hospital will provide them) camera and spare batteries, some sugar free sucking candies, cellphone & charger (plus a list of phone numbers of the people to call!) and a puzzle book (I didn't have the head after the birth for reading or anything that took more than 5 minutes of concentration!). As for things for the baby all you need is something to put it in to bring it home, I didn't bring anything, my dh brought that when he collected us to come home.


starlight_94 - February 28

All i used in the hospital was my toiletries, chapstick, a robe, SOCKS, some snacks for dh and myself, my own pillow,cell, camera, Babys home outfits/blanlket, my medications,I wore the same clothes home. I packed a lot of magazines, movies....never once used them( there is alot going on and sleep if u can) I would recommend slip on shoes or sandals( even with cold weather) b/c my tennis shoes didnt fit from all the swelling afterwards.


crystal74 - February 28

i'm one of those that overpacks so i bet i have too much. i have a couple gowns for baby, bodysuits, outfits, socks, diapers, wipes, focal points, hand fan, outfit for me, socks, underwear, toiletries, probably some more but i would rather have more than enough than not enough. but then again we live a block from the hospital. lol.


cindernar - March 1

I didn't see anyone recommend this. If so, I'm sorry for repeating. Bring your baby book so the nurses can put the baby's footprints and handprints in there.



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