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ayesha11 - December 6

Hi Ladies! We were thinking of using a bassinet for our little one for the first few months (one where we can also put the basket in our bed). However, I have no idea what one to get. I've seen pack and plays, little rocker-like gadgets, co-sleepers and a wicker one at PBK, but I'm not sure which would work best. What are some of you using? I would appreciate any insight as this is my first baby : - )


Gemini_Girl - December 6

Hiya! this is my first baby too, we're going to use a wicker basket one with a hood and a stand (a fixed stand as I thought it was more stable than a rocking one) I think i will place it by the bed so I can look in, im not sure about in the bed, never heard of that! I think whatever you choose will be fine its a personal choice :)


Jilloh - December 6

we used the pack and play during the night and the crib during the day with our DS....prolly the same with this one


alirenee86 - December 6

I'm so happy to hear somebody used soemthing other than sleep for their method of sleep for their lo. My son won't sleep in his ba__sinet and onlhy in the car seat placed in his ba__sinet. I think the ba__sinet is for, in short, the comfort of the parents. Babies don't seem to care if their on their back, stomach, carseat, swing, mom's tummy or otherwise. I find my son likes to sit upright. Keeps the food down :)


ayesha11 - December 6

Thank you for your responses! Gemini_Girl, where do you find the wicker basket?It sounds like a good option : - )


Shannon85 - December 6

Hi, Im going to use the wicker basket with the rocking stand its actually called the moses basket and you can find them at babies r us and sears and probably alot of other places. My sister used it with my nephew and it was great she would even bring the basket over to my parents and place it on the floor to sleep it was easy to move around.


cayingo - December 7

Our DD slept in her crib from day one. We felt we wanted to keep our room as our room. The baby monitor always kept us feeling secure that she was ok when she wasn't w/i eyesight. We'll do the same with our DS this time.



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