Bassinet Or Crib

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coco797 - November 28

My DH and I were planning on putting the baby in a pack n play bassinet for the first month or two and then putting her in a crib after that. Now my mom is telling me that we should just use the crib because she may get used to the bassinet and when we switch her over to the crib, she may have a hard time sleeping. What are your opinions on this? Is it ok to switch from the bassinet to the crib? I thought it was.


Brendansmom - November 29

We used a pack-n-play ba__sinet in our room for 6 weeks. Our son had no problem adjusting to his crib. I think the longer you wait to make the transition, the harder it becomes. Ds actually started to sleep better. I would wake up every time he moved and he would wake up every time I moved. No one was sleeping! Just try it for a while, you'll know what's best!


Faye84 - November 29

I think its fine to switch, alot of moms have their babies sleep in a ba__sinet for the first month or two, then put them in their own room in a crib. With my daughter we put her in her crib right away, in her own room. We didnt want to worry about her having sleeping issues, so we felt it would be best to start her off in her own room. I am now pregnant again, We are going to put this baby in a ba__sinet because my 7 month old is still in a crib, By the time our baby is born and is a few months old, My daughter will be able to sleep in a toddler bed. Once we move my daughter into her toddler bed, then we will move the baby into the hopefully you were able to follow along with that...


Jilloh - November 29

We too had no problem with the switch. However, during the day we used the crib and at night we used the pack in play so then he was used to them both.


star_eyes - November 29

I'm pregnant with our first child and I too had this question. We are definitely going to have the baby in a ba__sinet in our room for probably the first three months or maybe a little less. However, I was really scared about the adjustment period too. In our infant care cla__s, the teacher recommended doing what Jilloh mentioned which was to have the baby sleep in it's crib during the day and the ba__sinet at night so that the transition should be no big deal since they are already used to it. Good luck!


wantanotheraftertr - November 29

I have 3 older children now and they all slept in a ba__sinet the first few months now problem swithching them. This one will also be in a ba__sinet in his own room for the first few months then in his crib. They just look so small in the crib at first and since they are used to a small place it makes sense to me. IMO!


coco797 - November 29

Thanks for the input! wantanotheraftertr-you're right, a newborn seems so small in a crib. I think we will put her in the ba__sinet in the beginning, just because I would like her in our room, closer to me. During the day, she can nap in the crib so she will be used to the crib. Good luck to everyone and thanks again!!



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