Bebe Sounds Monitor

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Cassie06 - May 15

I love this thing!!! We bought it the other day and I couldnt be happier. I have already used it about 10 times! I love listening to all the sounds going on inside my tummy, and have gotten very good at knowing what I am listening to from reading the manual. His heartbeat is about 135 beats per minute, which is so encouraging to be able to determine by myself. He was also having a kicking fit the other day and I listened to him and it sounded like popcorn! It was so neat!! I would definately recommend this to anyone! I bought mine for $20 at Kmart!


pbj - May 15

Well, you're very lucky cause I don't know a single person that thing worked for including me. I hated it, but glad it works for you.


^lucy^ - May 15

how cute this is such a sweet thing!!


Tjane - May 15

I bought one last Thursday and i cant hear anything either? I want to take it back but it says on the box that you cant take it back to the store. I am only 30 weeks though so I am hoping with some time I can hear something. How far along are you Ca__sie06?


tlew - May 15

Ca__sie you are very very lucky. I bought one and had no luck with it. I ended up renting a doppler which is very accurate. But I am happy that you were able to get it working.


Ca__sie06 - May 15

I am only 28 weeks. It took me a while of playing with it before I figured everything out. I waited a while after I had eaten so my stomach wasnt grolwing or anything, and I layed down and turned everything else off so there was no other noise. To find the heartbeat I went down low just above my pubic region where the dr usually finds it, and it sounded like a horse galloping. I listened to mine first and then the other to make sure I wasnt getting my own, and then I timed them!


Tjane - May 15

Yeh been there, done all that, I just cant find it. I can hear my own and my 7 year old likes to listen to her stomach make noises but we can not pick up the baby. Im gonna keep trying but so far we have tried every day and night a couple times....You are very lucky.....


Angelaw. - May 15

Hi Ca__sie! We were retarded and bought our bebe sounds @ like 12weeks! We heard little Max @ right around 20weeks, and we have been listening to him ever since. Wait until you him get the hiccups! These things don't work for everyone and there are definently times that I can't find the h/b b/c he is in a weird place, but to all those who have them and haven't heard it yet, just be patient, and if you never hear it then you're only out $20 so it's not that bad.


Deb - May 15

I agree. I have had good luck with mine, though there are definitely days where I can't find the heart beat. You just have to be persistent and keep trying. I was kind of surprised how low the heart beat was, like right by my pubic bone. Some days I will use it for 10 or 15 minutes before I find the heart beat. Start low and keep moving it about an inch at a time.


Laurabb4 - May 15

Glad to hear some have had luck with that thing. It never worked for me even when I was 9 months along!


alicia2482 - May 16

I had one with my last two pregnancies. With my first I didnt' get into using it to much but with my 2nd, I used it all the time. Unfortunatly my dog chewed the ear pieces up on my last one! Never fail though..I just went out yesterday and bought myself a new one..LOL...I highly recommend it also!



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