Bed Rest And Baby Showers

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MrsShelton217 - March 6

Hello Ladies. I am still on the first trimester board. I am only 5 wks and 2 days preggo. I just have a question for some of you. With my first pregnancy I was put strict bedrest at 22 weeks, and never had a baby shower. I have a week cervix and its likely that I will be on bed rest again this time as my pregnancy progresses. I was just wondering if any of you have had a baby shower while on bed rest, or know someone that has... is it possible? and what did you do? Thanks


pebblesnbambam - March 6

My babyshower was postponed until after I had the baby. I went on bedrest with bathroom privlidges at 24 weeks and there was no chance to have baby shower. This time I am 27 weeks and no preterm contractions/labor thus far!!!! I don't anticipate having a baby shower since this is my second child.... so not really worried about it this go round.


MrsShelton217 - March 6

I guess I never really thought about having a shower after she was born. Things were so hectic b/c she was in the NICU for so long, that we kinda all just forgot about the shower.


Cevvin - March 6

Are you able to have a shower in a living room with a couch you can lay down on? not ideal, but its a suggestion.


mommybabyboy21 - March 6

My friend was on bed rest since 22 weeks, where she was only allowed bathroom privileges. But we had one with her close friends at her house, and she just sat on the coach while we did everything for her…and then when the babies (she had twins) were a 100 days old we had a shower/coming out party. It seems that in Korean tradition a baby wasn’t considered a member of the family until they were 100 days old because of poor health conditions so…since my friend was Korean we thought it would be fun to do the custom but also had it like a baby shower. Therefore the baby’s were completely healthily since of course they were taken early…and everyone could play with them. The second party was a mixer as well, we had guys and gals at that one.



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