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Heidi - September 20

I called my doc cus my feet are just getting huge. They're getting worse as the day goes by. I have to go in after work and she said the word bedrest! I can't be on bedrest yet! I'm only 35 wks! I feel just fine. I hope she lets me go to work and then hit the couch afterwards!!!! Anyone else have this happen? My feet are just nasty.


HA!!! - September 20

I had a lot of swelling in my feet!!! I took castor oil and although it did not bring on labor it did take all the swelling out of my feet!!! It is uncomfortable but by no means should you be "put" on bedrest for it! They say to elevate your feet which doesn't help either! You are probably just retaining water like many of us!!!


Sonya - September 20

I was soooo swollen with my first pregnancy but was never put on bedrest. I think only if you have high blood pressure or some other issues should you be put on bed rest for swelling. It took a week or so for it to go away after my son was born.


Heidi - September 20

I've never had high blood pressure. I've always had really low bp at all my prenantal visits. Hopefully she just tells me to elevate my feet at night. I do NOT want to lay around for five more weeks. My boss would go bonkers! My feet and ankles look like giant marshmallows ready to burst!


Tigerphoenix - September 20

Limit your salt intake. I found that helped me when my ankles looked more like watermelons. Also relax and put your feet up as much as you can. Do you notice that when you wake up in the morning that they look smaller (maybe not by a lot but noticably)?


Heidi - September 20

When I first started getting the swelling it would be gone by morning but they seem to be getting bigger since Sunday! Yuck. Now my face isn't swollen yet but my hands look a little puffier and they are sore when I close them tight. I can't wait for this to be over. Someone please tell me I'll pee a river and lose all this water gain right away! My skin feels so tight all the time. Maybe I'll try a cool bath tonight. If I wasn't such a whale I'd put on my suit and take a dip in the river to cool off but that's not gonna happen!!!!


Kelly - September 20

I had the same thing you do. The Doc thought my Calcium was low. But it wasn't. I can't afford to be on bed rest. Theres no way. Maybe if the doctor paid for my cars and rent. My feet are fine, has the top of them started hurting from the pressure. Thats what kills me. Even if my husband touches the top I scream. I was woundering why we hadn't heard from you!!! Good Luck


Heidi - September 20

Oh gosh Kelly they're not that bad yet. I feel so bad for you! Well this heat isn't helping. One day it's fall weather and now it's unusually hot the next two days and humid. It's supposed to be cold in Minnesota! I want cold weather now! That seems to help with the swelling at least. I go see my doc in an hours. I can't afford to take off for bedrest yet. I plan on working as long as I can.


Tigerphoenix - September 20

Hey Heidi, I would gladly trade you. I live in Florida and we just had yet another hurricane scare. Now that the storm is pa__sing us by leaving the wind and rain the next few weeks are going to be sooooo humid and muggy. BTW what is the cold? This is a forgein concept to me hehehe (I think they should rename florida to the hurricane state instead of the sunshine state lol)


Kelly...Tigerphoenix - September 20

What part of Florida are you from? I've lived here a little over a year, In central Florida. And I know what your sayin'!!!!


Barb - September 20

sorry about your feet Heidi....mine swell too, but they seem to go down when I lay down and put them up. My hands are swelling though too I noticed. there's NO getting my wedding rings off now...and they are hard to close and make a fist. My blood pressure has been good too so I'm not too worried...but if you notice that you can press a "dent" into your skin then that's a sign something is keep an eye on long as your skin "springs back" and your blood pressure is ok, the Dr. shouldn't have you on complete mom is a retired RN and she is constantly checking my feet and pressing on them..LOL..I'm like "mom..get off! they're fine".haha..keep us posted :)


Kelly...Heidi - September 20

Oh just wait, Heidi I can't even put on my shoes, and I can't tye them because my feet are so fat. I can't wear flip flops because they don't give my feet enough support. How fun is this? What is your job desciption, I sit at a desk all day so I don't think it would really matter if the doctor told me to go on bed rest. It's not like I'm standing up all day and I don't get any breaks. Good Luck


Tigerphoenix to Kelly - September 20

I live in the West Palm area (right where we got hit twice last year). I've lived here my entire life so hurricanes are as normal as the seasons not really changing lol. Right now we are getting alot of wind and rain from Rita but not much else. I'm just glad I dont live in the Keys. 2nd time in a month they have had a mandatory evacuation.


Tigerphoenix to Heidi - September 20

Sorry bout side tracking your thread =D hehehe


J - September 22

When my feet are swollen, I lay in bed, fold my body pillow in half and put an ice pack (or frozen veggies or anything frozen) on top of my body pillow and place my feel on top of that so that they are elevated and also being iced. It feels so d__n good! Just a thought for you.


Kelly...Heidi - September 26

I knew thats why you weren't writing. Anyways, good to here from you. I wear shoes all day and your feet won't swell until you take them off. Your shoes help as support and your feet can't swell out of your shoes. Now your ancles might. But thats not bad. :)


Barb - September 26

ohhhh.....sorry about the bedrest...but it is GOOD to have you back!! :) ...I pulled my halloween stuff out too this weekend..ha! and I'm glad you're ok =)



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