Bedrest Amp Induction B C Of Bp Amp Platelate Counts

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lilaggie2002 - January 15

Hi Ladies, I am currently 36wks & 3 days...I was just told that I will have to be on bedrest for at least another week until they can induce me! They placed me on bedrest because my bloodpressure was abnormally high on Thursday and I was also having severe swelling. But then, today, they told me that all my test came back negative and that they dont think I have pre-eclampsia. Does this make sense? They did mention something about platelate counts being low...anyone have any ideas or info they can share? The only good news I received...haha... was I am 2cm and 50% effaced! :) Thanks for your input.


Lala - January 15

sounds like COULD be HELLP syndrome. Just ask your doctor! Take care!


DB - January 15

I had a similar thing happen. My bp shot up to 140/100, so I had to rest Thurs. and Fri. I went to the doc on Saturday and my bp did go down (140/85). They drew blood but everything came back ok. They let me work 4 hour days at work starting today and I go back on Wed. for another NST and bp check-if it's high then I'm done working. They were thinking about inducing me (I'm 38 weeks anyways), but last time they checked my cervix was still closed =( and they don't like to induce when the cervix is closed like that. I bet you'll be induced though if you're having other issues besides just blood pressure. Good Luck!!


Renee924 - January 15

It wouldn't be hellp syndrome yet. Hellp is after you've developed preeclampsia, it's like an advanced form of it. I was put on bed rest at 25w because of bp (it was 160/100), I had been on medicine for it since the beginning of the pregnancy and took monthly (sometimes more) 24 hour urine tests. Never developed preeclampsia but I did have persistant headaches and swelling in my face, hands and feet. I was induced at 39 weeks and we're both healthy now. Baby was slightly smaller (6lb 5oz) due to bp, but otherwise very healthy, and she's gaining weight very quickly now. Good luck :) P.S. Be on the look out for visual disturbances like flashes, etc. as well as persistant headaches, swelling, water retention, those are all sighns of preeclampsia.


Lala - January 15

HELLP= hypertension (high blood presssure), elevated liver enzymes (in the blood), low platelets.



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