Bedtime Sucks Hows Yours

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krc - May 10

I am now 28 weeks. I am a thin person so I look like I swallowed a basketball. Bedtime for me used to be something I looked forward to, add in the fact that I have crazy adventurous dreams that I sometimes even looked forward to sleep just to see what I'd do or where I'd go in the lovely realm of dreams. Well ever since this belly started getting in the way nightime for me has become torture. Im tired of sleeping on my back and everytime I go to roll over or switch sides I wake up !! I wake up atleast 20 times staring at the clock feeling wide awake anticipating when daylight will arrive so I can have a reason to get out of bed. I also wake up with uncontrollably munchies. Everynight atleast once I find myself in the fridge whether it is 2am or 5:30am !!! And to add to my discomfort I made the stupidest decision when I bought a king size comforter for my queen size bed. This blanket is soo heavy I feel like im stapped to a stretcher !!! I dont even have to make my bed in the morning because the weight of the comforter keeps it in place !!!! LOLOL This is a real nuissance for me because im the type or sleeper who likes to have both legs exposed from mid thigh down. ( my thermostats as I call 'em ) Then the rest of the covers piles up around my head. So you can see my " covers dilemma " . I cant seem to sit up as fast as before either. When I wake up to use the bathroom at night I can't just spring up out of takes a wee bit of effort and as soon as I stand up for a few seconds my belly hurts which I think is due to my uterus being comfortably settled while im forced to sleep under the comforter of steel to a sudden upright position. Quite unpleasant !!! any of you have your little bothersome bedtime quirks or annoyances??


miraclebaby - May 10

I found this quite funny, I hate to sleep at night I toss and turn and am up every hour too. And when I sleep on my side I wake up and everything is sleeping or numb. My legs ache alot and I want to sleep on my stomach so bad I can't stand it. I do however wake up on my back once and I while and then feel quilty, as your not suppose to sleep on your back. It's awful. I keep telling myself "how can you be so selfish" that it is so worth it, I waited so long for her. that it will all be worth it. I don admitt its hard though. I dread the nights too. When morning comes I feel like c___p. But hey we might as well get used to it , because when they get here we will still be tired lol lol lol I think a good nights sleep is well in the future for us.


Chrissy - May 10

krc you sound EXACTLY like me! I don't have good news for you, IT CONTINUES!!! I am at 37 weeks and this still goes on. Though some nights are better than others. I too have a kind sized comforter of steel for my queen sized bed, and also like my legs exposed. I feel for ya because I am right there with ya! I have tried to launch myself out of bed when I have to pee only to find myself moving about an inch!


Chrissy - May 10

oops that was supposed to say King sized comforter


Renee-Marie - May 10

Does anyone here have a "Snoogle" (aka. A Body Pillow)? I find this helps me somewhat. I have to admit, my most UNfavorite part of sleeping is the tossing and turning.... Once the baby is settled into one side, it's so uncomfortable to shift him to my other side. It feels like a bowling ball ontop of my intestines.


anns - May 10

I have a sleeping body pillow and it really helps. It is like a big u shape and helps support my belly, which helps my back not hurt. I do struggle to get out of bed though. lol Also getting back onto it is sometimes a fight. At 38 weeks, I've almost fallen twice. But once I am settled, ti works pretty well. Good luck!


krc - May 10

i have a body pillow but my comforter of steel mostly keeps me pinned on my back !! LOLOL I love sleeping on my back though and at this point it doesn't bother me. Maybe in a few weeks when Im bigger or the baby has put on more weight I will make an effort to sleep on my sides more. But my comforter weighs like 50 lbs. I think its time I pull out my other comforter from the closet and sleep with it on top of my comforter of steel !!! Then my bed will always be made, when I wake up i'll just throw the old one back in the closet !!! This " old " comforter is old all right. I am 27 and my mom got it for me when I was in the 6th grade. It is just a standard, cheapo, walmart comforter that used to be pink but now it is mostly a ragged, light, bleached to many times shade of pink ! HAHA Heck..i've bought many a comforter over the years and I always end up diggin' the old one out the closet. I hate to use it though because it is hideous, matching none of the decor in my room !! Oh well....for a cheapo comforter to last 15 or so years is awesome !!!


CyndiG - May 10

This is the funniest thing! I giggled as I read each post. Comforter of steel! LOL! I don't have any trouble sleeping when I'm asleep. As a matter of fact, I've been sleeping better now than in a long time! But, I do wake up alot in the night. And when I want to roll over, It's hard to take the pillow I'm cuddled up to with me. I have to launch it over this ma__sive belly of mine and then get the covers resituated and try not to squish one of these honking b___bs! And then by the time I'm ready to go back to sleep, ALAS, I have to pee! Then I roll myself over and out of the bed and when I finally get to a standing position, the baby is snuggled up all on one side so I look like I have this deformed growth hanging off one side of my body....then I get to the bathroom and barely have enough pee to even bother wiping because it's just a tiny trickle!!!! And by the time I've made it back to bed my poor husband is wide awake thinking I'm having an aerobics cla__s in the bedroom.......Ahhhh the joys of motherhood! :O}


3babies - May 11

I am in hysterics reading these posts, as I am sure that you can only have a true understanding while you are pregnant. Cyndi, you sound exactly like me. I keep thinking thank god we dont have visitors staying, because of all the sound effects each time I roll over in bed! They would think that my hubby and I were going at it no doubt. Of course nothing could be further from the truth. I can remember with my first son, my pelvic pain got so bad, that instead of rolling over I would get out of bed and get back in on the other side! Just as well my husband seems to sleep through it all. I love the comforter of steel comment! My mum still has a comforter that she bought for me when I was 10, we drag it out each time we stay at her place! I cant believe it hasnt disintegrated!


mommie2be - May 11

hey all. I can relate as well. Waking up just staring at the clock. I haven't woken up with the munchies b/c the baby has decided it's resting place is near my stomach and I've been having acid reflux. Monday night was so bad, I was dreaming I was beginning to throw up and I awoke to find myself in the middle of throwing up. I've moved to the living room since then - to the recliner- to keep myself in an upright position... but then to get up from that in the morning is another story. Glad we can all relate... this is encouraging!


DWilson924 - May 11

Thanks for the laughs ladies. It's nice to hear I'm not the only one whose has a hard time sleeping. I to have all the same problems as you but add to it, my husband and I own a queen size WATERBED! Yeah you read it correctly I am 29 weeks and sleeping in a waterbed and he refuses to get rid of it. So lets just say the crane to hoist me out of bed is on order because it just isn't happening as easily as it used to. More times then hurt myself getting out of bed because I try to hard to not cause a lot of waves and wake hubby up. I wish I wasn't so nice because he's not being nice to me by making me sleep in that d__n thing.


Been There - May 11

DWilson, maybe you should accidentally drop a pin on the bed. Or maybe it have a mysterious accident with the scissors. "Oh, my! How did that happen?" LOL! I'm tired of the side to side thing. I can sleep, but it's constantly disturbed by the multiple trips to the bathroom. I'm a stomach sleeper and I want my stomach back. We can all look at the bright side, it's almost over. Yeah, like that helps.


Krista - May 11

LOL! your post was SO careful said you're sick of sleeping on your back...and you shouldn't even be sleeping on your back at all....all of my books said that you're not supposed too after like 12 weeks or something. Only on your sides....or tummy unless it's not comfortable to be on your tummy


mishy - May 11

The good thing is.. its preparing you for when bub arrives.. I didn't sleep in my first pregnancy and then slept like a baby when my son arrived. Getting up for feeds was easy, I was still getting more sleep, and better sleep, than when pregnant. So the 'sleep deprivation' that people complain about wasn't a big deal for me.. just thought I would offer a bright side..:)


letgo0527 - May 12

Im achy and I can never get comfortable enough to get a good nights rest. And ive become a total night owl. Right now its 2:15 in the morning and im wide awake.


DWilson924 - May 12

Been There - LOL Yeah I thought about putting a hole in the bed but actually it wouldn't be me that did it, it would be one of my two cats. I thought about pulling all the blankets off one Saturday morning to wash the sheets and just forget to voer the bed up and have one of my cats do the dirty work for me. The only thing with that is 1) my husband would literally kill the cat and 2)I'd ruin my new carpet :o( I just keep telling myself only 10 more weeks AT MOST and I will be good to go.



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