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Lindsay - December 18

Omg I need a beer, not one, 8. I need a white russian with heavy cream and absolut. I've been buying tons of s_xy little underwear in a size SMALL for months from victorias secret in every fabric BESIDES COTTON. Im only 28 weeks may the good Lord help me.


to Lindsay - December 18

"need"? You're going to be an alcoholic with a newborn?


to: to lindsay - December 18

obviously she's not an alcoholic, if she was she wouldn't being craving a beer so badly, because she would just drink one. when you are pregnant (which you should know cause you are on here) you crave things that are craved so badly that it becomes a need for that time period. i'm far far from an alcoholic, but i must say i need a beer as well, and hell no i won't be an alcoholic with a newborn baby because i'm saying that now. it's just a term for a long awaited want.


. - December 18

you're an alcoholic too


Lynn - December 18

I felt the same way when I was pregnant, but trust me, once you have your little one in your arms.. it will be the last thing on your mind!


rl - December 18

yeah well I think we crave what we can't have but when you can then you won't really want it but it will go by fast just hang in there good luck


April - December 18

I feel your pain! lol! Don't listen to the stuffy gals here, I know what you meant. I seriously doubt your some raging alchoholic - you're just missing stuff you can't have! Hell I miss beer, tiny s_xy clothes, seafood, etc. Christ, there's nothing wrong with saying it's not all unicorns and rainbows being pregnant. You have made me feel a little better, Lindsay, because I'm 34 weeks, and dying to not be pregnant, and it's nice to see your post and think...well, at least I'm not 28 weeks! Haha, sorry, I know that doesn't help you, but just hang in there - think of that amazing feeling of relief the moment you're not'll be like the day you turn 21!


Dana - December 18

I am actually a recovering alcoholic. The day I found out I was pregnant I checked myself into a support group. Not because I was afraid I would drink, I just needed to learn different ways to cope with the most scariest thing I will ever go through. I needed to find an outlet for my stress and to be honest it has been 31 weeks and each time I feel like I am going to lose it, it is harder than the last. But I have not had a drink since june 17 and I will be a sober mom.


To Dana - December 18

Good for you!!


good grief - December 18

I really don't think she was letting us know she was an alchoholic - it sounds like she was just saying she misses being able to have a drink. I miss lots of things, and I think I'll still be a fantastic mom. I'm sure she was exaggerating about the 8 drinks thing. Lots of women vent here about silly things - nothing wrong with it. I can't believe this has been turned around. Lindsay, you're not alone, I can't wait to go and have a drink with my friends!


dew - December 18

I know what you ladies mean. I want a snifter of Grand Marnier (straight up) and a Newport. I'm not an alcoholic, infact I only drank once a month before I got pregnant. I agree that we want things just because we can't have them. I probably won't want either after the baby is born.


Lori - December 18

Oh my gosh! I've been buying tiny underwear too! lol I'm going to have a granny panty bonfire when this is all over!


Annette - December 20

I hate the judgemental maternity-police who just because one CRAVES (not even has) a drink qualifies us immediatly as "alcoholic bad mothers who don`t deserve having a child"... That said, Lindsay, I am sooooo with you. And fortunately, according to another post that I started before, we are not alone. DH and I are going to the beach next week and I know it won`t be the same without a cold beer and raw oysters. I love my baby and he is definitely worth it, but indeed I will be looking forward to the day I can have a martini with olives, maybe two or three, OR a pitcher of sangria or a shot of tequila with a slice of lime and salt, yummy!


Preggo - December 20

After this blessing enters the world... watch out to all the bottles of white zifendal ... I miss it so. But all in due time..


LRK - December 20

My doula mentioned drinking a gla__s of wine in early labor to help relax, instead of taking the sleeping pill that they will normally send you home with from the hospital if it is too early to be admitted. Since then, I have been salivating over which wine. I am almost looking more forward to the wine :) I know alcoholics, so I know that I am not one. I was even refrained from drinking while trying to conceive! A filet mignon would go nicely with that red wine---mmmm with parsley b___ter and fresh salt and pepper. Cooked medium rare.


beth - December 20

And I forget about all the winter ales that only come out at this time of year. boo hoo....I will have to wait until next year! Oh and a sober new years....interesting!


Maria - December 20

I'm 28wks tomorrow and I kind of know how you feel. I want a mixed drink everytime my husband and I go out to eat. But I can't I won't be able to for a while. I want to b___stfeed.Especially with the holidays. It's when everyone drinks.Next time you go out get a virgin drink. Hey better than nothing RIGHT!



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