Being In The Hospital After Having Baby

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Jenn2 - April 29

This is kindof a "off the wall" question, but I was thinking about, thought I would ask. After you deliver your baby ( right after) how long until the doctor/nurses start letting visitors into your room? Do they ask you when you are ready to allow visitors, or do they just let people in who come? I dont want people walking in when I'm br___tfeeding or before I've showered after delivery. This is assuming I do not get the epidural....which I know it might take a little longer if you get one to get up and moving. This might sound like a silly question, but this is my first child, and I just want to know what to expect.


numba1cutie6t9 - April 29

lol its my first too and im pretty sure theyll ask u if u want ppl in there right away. Have u filled out a birth plan? Itll help you discuss things like that with ur care provider


pbj - April 29

I'm sure it may be different everywhere. I allowed everyone in immediately after my LO was born and just had them close the curtain where I was being st_tched, but I would think if you don't want anyone in there you can say so. It just depends on where you deliver...where I was I labored and delivered in the same room, but after 1 hour of recovery I was moved to another floor for the remainder of my stay. I couldn't take a shower until I was in that room, some hospitals have you labor, deliver and recover all in one room, so if that's the case you may be able to take a shower sooner. My nurses did kick everyone out when I nursed, except obviously my dh, but I also kept my best friend there with me. I would imagine that you just need to explain your wishes to the nurse(s) a__signed to you when you check in and just allow your family to know what it is you would like. I had an epidural and I nursed within a 1/2 hour and could walk right after I was done to use the restroom. It usually doesn't take that long for it to wear off...and I had a GREAT one. Good luck


Laurabb4 - April 29

The nurses are there to tell people when to come in and when to leave! My in-laws showed up while I was in hard labor. They just walked into my room. The nurse kicked them out! They were not allowed in until I said. Make sure DH knows when you want people there. Especially if this is your first! If I were you I would want to spend time relaxing with DH and baby!!!!


Tess - April 29

From what Ive seen specially if you've been addicted to TLC's Baby Story...its really up to the parents when they want visitors in. Plus Im seeing more n more people coming in specially close relatives within minutes after you've had your baby. So I guess theres really no preference.....its up to you.


HannahBaby - April 29

Its really different in every hospital and mostly up to the patient. Some hospitals have a limit of ppl who can be in the room during delivery and shortly after, thats something that you should discuss on the hospital tours or you can call your birthing center to find out more information


Drew - April 29

Regardless of the hospitals rules, you can ask that no one be permitted in your room at certain times, like while your in labor and how ever long after the birth you'd like to be alone, and during b___stfeeding. Most ldr/mat units have signs that can be hung on the door requesting visitors to stop in at the desk before just walking into the room in case the nurse is busy and doesn't catch the person walking in right away. Make sure you make your wishes known, not just to any family and friends who may visit, but also when your checked into the hospital in labor. Good luck, hope all turns out the way you hope!!


Jilloh - April 29

At the hospital I delivered at they cleaned me up and asked if I wanted visitors. I was ok with it. They moved me to a post partum room a few hours later and it had a sign on the door saying "visitors welcome" on one side and on the other it said "privacy please....check in a nurses station" I relied on the sign flipping.


cush74 - April 30

I didn't tell anyone that I was in labour. So DH and I went off to the hospital by ourselves. If I had told my family and friends that I was in labour they would have all been waiting at the hospital for me to give birth. After my son was born DH and I had time alone with him to ourselves before we called anyone...It gave us time to bond and also for me to get myself cleaned up.


ReneeM - April 30

At the hospital I am delivering at security is top priority, to prevent baby abduction.So any visitor,even hospital staff that does not work in the materniity floor, has to stop at a special security desk and have the sec. staff call the room and ask the patient if these visitors can come back. If your hospital does not have that, or something like that then my suggestion is to let your nurses know when you want visitors and when you don't. The nurse is there for the patient and supposed to be an advocate for you. Also, most nurses don't have a problem running unwanted visitors out of the room or telling them that it is not a good time,etc. I know this from experience!



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