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Kate B. - January 11

I'm being induced on Friday. I was wondering if any other ladies have been induced and what was the experience. Was the labor more painful? Did the labor last longer? Should I just try and wait another week? I'll be 40 weeks when they go for the induction. My baby is huge! She's going to be 9-10 pounds. So, maybe that is why they are inducing me. I'm not sure, but I did ask to be induced and my doctor said okay. Now I'm having some second thoughts because I don't want a prolonged labor.


mel - January 11

I was induced with my son. I don't have another labor to compare it to, so I can't say as to whether the labor was more painful or not. I do recall my contractions being right on top of each other and it seemed that I wasn't getting even a breath in between them. on the birthing shows it always seems like the women have at least a second or two between contractions. I don't know though. like I said, nothing to compare it to. I do know that once they gave me the epidural, everything was fine and I breezed right thru. they started inducing me at 8 o'clock in the morning. I was 0 dialated and 0% effaced. I had my son at 4:13 that afternoon. so I don't think my labor was any longer due to it. I wouldn't go back and change a thing. everything turned out fine for me. good luck with everythign and keep us posted of your little ones arrival when you get a chance.


Maggie - January 11

I was induced with my first pregnancy and it really wasn't that bad because I got the epidural as soon as they offered it. I wasn't in excrutiating pain when they offered it so I really got to enjoy my labor. I didn't feel any major pain until it was time to start pushing, which is pain you will feel regardless of the epidural. My labor lasted exactly 12 hours, which everyone told me wasn't bad at all for my first baby. My advice to you is to keep your induction as scheduled and get the epidural as soon as you can. I had a great labor experience because I was able to relax and enjoy it. The only draw back was I had to stay in bed because of all the IVs and the monitors they had on the baby. One thing I can tell you is that even though labor can be painful, the pain will subside once the baby is out. Last year I had a kidney stone and the pain from that was 100 times worse than giving birth (in my opinion), and I lived to tell about it. You will be fine. Good luck, and I hope you and baby will be happy and healthy!



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