Being Induced Nervous

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Jen - November 29

Hello ladies! I was due 11/26 and still have no baby. I went to the doctor yesterday and I am only 1.5 cm dilated and 20% effaced and I will be induced on Tuesday 12/6 if I do not go into labor on my own. I am just looking for a little advice/support from anyone who has been through this before, and what I can expect.I am most nervous that the pitocin will cause me to have a c-section... : (


dwc - November 29

It is natural to be nervous. Try to relax and get some rest, you will need it for after the baby is here. I was induced with my first and it was not too bad. I did not have a c-section, but it did cause sharper contractions than if I would have just went into labor on my own, the pitocin also helped me to have a shorter labor, only 4 hours... But that is just my experience. You are in my thoughts, keep us posted.


Anne - November 29

I was induced w/ my daughter and it was a very long, hard labor. I told my doc this time around that I don't care how overdue I might be, I do not want to be induced. If you're baby isn't ready, it isn't ready and for me the pitocin was terrible.


Jaclyn - November 29

I am right there with you, I am scheduled to be induced on 12/9. I'm not worried about a C-section, but I am worried about the strong contractions that the pitocin will bring. Good luck!


shelbi - November 30

just an FYI: Yes. Oxytocin, your body's natural hormone, is secreted in bursts. However, when you are given pitocin you are placed on a regulated intravenous pump, to regulate the amount of pitocin to a steady flow. Therefore, pitocin induced contractions are different from your body's natural contractions, in strength and effect. With pitocin, the induced force of the contraction may decrease uterine blood flow (This is also done during a natural contraction, but not for as long of a period and not as close together.). Therefore, reducing the oxygen to the baby. With pitocin you will also receive continuous electronic fetal monitoring. This is because fetal distress is more common with pitocin use and needs to be detected if it occurs. We have also witness that pitocin can be the beginning domino in the domino effect. The IV, the infusion pump, and the continuous monitoring will confine most mothers to bed, decreasing her ability to deal with the contractions naturally. With the more painful contractions a mother is more likely to need pain medication, such as an epidural anesthesia. Pitocin can present other hazards. For the mother these include: tumultuous labor and tetanic contractions, which may cause premature separation of the placenta, rupture of the uterus, laceration of the cervix or postbirth hemorrhage. Fetal hazards include: fetal asphyxia and neonatal hypoxia from too frequent and prolonged uterine contractions, physical injury and prematurity if the due date is not accurate. ..............not to make you even more nervous.. but your baby knows when he/she is ready. i was induced with my first, and i had a horrible labor. my son wasn't breathing when he was born and i nearly bled to death. have you tried taking a really long walk (worked for my cousin) or having s_x.. or nipple stimulation? those are all good & natural ways to start-up labor. good luck with your decision. :)


Sarah - November 30

I was induced w/ pitocin b/c of high BP. I was 38 weeks. 2cm and 50% when I got to the hospital. I was having some mild contractions but I couldn't feel them. As soon as the pitocin started within 30 min the contractions came on strong and hard!!! After about an hour they brought my epidural. I'm not sure if the pitocin had anything to do with it but my daughters heartrate kept going over 200. They almost did a c-section, but I pushed like you know what to get her out so that I wouldn't have to. She also had a fever when she was born and they never figured out why? So I think maybe the pitocin. But other wise she was perfect.


J - November 30

I was induced 5 weeks ago, with my first baby. The labor was 15 hours and the contractions were coming every minute. Delivery was easy. I had no drugs, and my baby is perfect. I was not confined to bed, I was up and walking around, and did a lot of my laboring in a rocking chair. I know the pit made my contractions worse, but it is worth it all once you get to hold your little angel. I was 100% for getting an epidural, but once I started progressing, I went too fast, and it was not that bad. I think no drugs is making my recovery better. Good luck, and no matter what, just remember that you;ll make it and be holding your little miracle at the end.


Jen - November 30

Hey Shelbi- I have tried everything- red raspberry tea since 30 weeks, evening primrose oil every day for the past month, s_x 4 times a week (lots of fun LOL!) fresh pineapple every day, walking a mile every day, and anytime I sit down I sit on my birthing ball. I have also done squats and eaten as much spicy food as I can stomach...and nothing. My life has literally been consumed with trying to go into labor naturally, but my baby is just stubborn! He is already over 8lbs with a week to go, and I am a very pet_te person, so doctor is not sure if I will even be able to deliver him naturally. I am not excited at all about being induced, but at this point, I'm not sure I have much choice.


To Shelbi - November 30

I think your post is completly uncalled for. Millions of women have been induced w/ no problem. There is no reason to scare women who are already worried sick. Jen- don't stress! You will do fine & I'm sure everything will turn out great! Good luck!


Tati - November 30

Jen if you are not having health problems like high blood pressure and the baby is all fine why induce. The baby knows when it is time. My mom has 6 children two were induced the worse labors she had. Hopefully you will go in to labor before the date but if not give it couple more days . I know it is not easy to wait, but I believe that it is the best thing to do for your baby. God Bless you.


melissa - December 1

I agree with the last post about waiting, but sometimes it seems we don't have much choice. I'm in a similar boat as Jen--my Dr says if I don't have baby by Tuesday, we need to pick a date for inducement. Apparently, the placenta starts to deteriorate after 42 weeks, so doctors tend not to let you get that far. I was due yesterday, btw, and really really would prefer baby to come on her own, but if she's not here next week, I'm not going to endanger her or myself.


Maggie - December 1

I was induced and thankfully I had a really good experience. My doc did start to get a little impatient and started talking about a c-section, but the baby and I were not in any kind of distress so I wouldn't give my permission to it. 12 hours after pitocin was first administered I had my son.


Erika - December 1

Yikes...I'm supposed to be induced on Tuesday, but after reading Shelbi's post it's sounds like I might be better off trying to throw myself down the stairs to kick start labor! Let's hope it's not as bad as all that!!


Michelle - December 1

Erika, have no fear, I was induced twice and I am fine and my daughter is fine. I had to have a c-section though because I couldn't progress, but that is my body. You ladies will be fine, and I wish you the best of luck and enjoy them new little ones when they come!


shelbi - December 1

i apologize if i scared anyone - that wasn't my intention. i realize that drastic times call for drastic measures.. but when it's the health or life of your child that's at stake.. you need to AT LEAST be informed of what COULD happen. NONE of my doctors told me about this with my first pregnancy (i was very young and naive as well). they also failed to inform me about side effects with epidurals ( as far as past due dates - i know a lady who went well over 42 weeks and had a perfectly healthy baby. that's not to say that's always the case though. once again - i didn't mean to worry anyone. i feel that WE are responsible for our babies (we provide nutrition & comfort inside our wombs for nine months), therefore, WE must be educated in regards to our pregnancy and births. i think deep down (as child-bearing women) we all know what's right inside, and i believe that if jen goes with her gut, she's going to make the right decision. good luck to you and your baby! :)


Maggie - December 1

Shelbi, I'm sorry that the doctors didn't discuss the risks a__sociated with induction and the epidural. However there are times when the benefits greatly outweigh the risks. No doctor worth his degree would give pitocin without there being a very good reason. In my case I had low amnio fluid. Another thing I would like to point out to all women facing an induction is that you are monitored at ALL times. I had a nurse with me the entire time. Yes its difficult that you can't get up, but they will not take your monitors off once pitocin is given as a precaution. I also would never have gotten through labor without the epidural. The epidural allowed me to really enjoy the process. I had lots of energy when it was time to push because I didn't have to work hard through contractions. In fact I can't even remember feeling a contraction. Bottom line is do what you have to do. If the doctor says we must induce you, then thats how you need to let it be.



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