Being Induced At 38weeks

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nicole20ny - March 29

I'm 38weeks pregnant and im being induced on monday...i'm so excited to see my little boy! my cervix has not dilated at all and this is my first pregnancy...could this be a long process and does anyone have any tips on what i should do to maintain myself through it all, and to maybe help different things that could help.... ohh yea haha kinda weird but funny am i allowed to eat before i'm induced i was never told anything about that but its at 7am and i plan on a nice big breakfast before i'm stuck with the nasty hospital food for a few day :-p


Tammy276 - March 29

They normally tell you to eat a light breakfast....maybe some toast and eggs, but I wouldn't eat full, heavy meal. When I was induced they told me I could eat a light meal before coming in. Your stomach is more likely to get upset during labor if it is if it would end up in a c-section they don't want you having a full belly. When I was in labor this time, I was on a liquid diet.....broth, jello and soda.....nothing solid until after I delivered.


gigi112626 - March 30

hi nicole, is there any reason that you're being induced at 38 weeks? good luck with the labor!


SaraH - March 30

I have to ask the same as gigi, why an induction at 38w's? That's pretty early unless there is a medical reason to do it. Anyways, from what I've been told (no personal experiance) eating a little bit would be good as you need your strength during labor and once you're in labor they wont give you much to eat. Also I've heard that it is alot harder to induce you and doesn't always work if you're not dilated or effaced at all. Good luck.


danimarie - March 30

I am with Gigi and there some medical reason for the induction? My baby is pretty big and my doctor told me that she would only induce me at 39 weeks if I was already dilated and effaced since it is so hard on your body if you're not. She said that if you're not the induction could take a long time and is more likely to end in c-sec. I also have heard to eat but not a huge amount of food. Good luck- I hope everything is ok and that the induction goes very smoothly and is wonderful!


preggoplease - March 30

Well I am going to be induced at 38 weeks because my labor with my daughter was 1.5 hours long. As for her not being dilated there are meds they will give her to start the dilation...i forget the exact name but it has cervix in there somewhere. Not all women dilate on their own and they have to give them meds and induce to get it going. So yeah inducing alone may not do the trick but the meds that dilate the cervix will (unless of course her body is just down right stubborn then its c-section). As for why she is being induced at 38weeks could be for many reasons....most doctors do it for medical...but some (like mine) like to have theirs scheduled. nicole- yes please eat a light meal. it will make you feel so much better. especially if you have a long labor because they won't let you (most anyway) eat during it. Good luck on monday sweetie and congrats!!! I hope you come back soon with your birth story!


Steph - March 30

I was induced at 38.7 weeks (ha!) due to my son being big. My doc felt my stomach and said he was at least 8.5 lbs. When I went in for the induction that morning, I had some coffee, yougurt and a breakfast burrito from Jack in the Box! :o) The induction started at approximately 10 am and I had my little guy at 3:21pm. Ended up that my son was 8lbs 7oz and his head was 14.5 inches big....needless to say he ripped the c___p outta me, got his shoulder stuck, and had a VERY hard time coming out. I was induced on 7/3 and was not due until 7/12.


Steph - March 30

I hope you have a easy induction and a SMOOTH delivery! :o)


starlight_94 - March 31

First of all 38 weeks IS full term and NOT early. Second, I was induced 38 weeks 2 days for being so uncomfortable and it was an AMAZNG labor. Went in at midnight, got the cervadil to soften the cervix(I wasnt dilated at all) and went into labor on my own (no pitocin) at 2 am. My contractions were 1-2 minute long every 2-3 min. BACK TO BACK! Got my epidural at 7 am...3 -4 centimeters dilaed at the time. Slept until 3pm. then at 5 my dr broke my water(7 cm dilated then) and at 7pm was fully dilated and ready to push. 2 hours and ALOT of hard work later my ds was born,(with the help of the vacc_m) and it was A good thing we induced b/c he was 8'10 lbs whe he was born. If I had went till my due date he would have been nearly 10lbs(and I am a very tiny person) WHICH would have meant a c section for sure. Alltogether my labor was 19 hrs and although that is long, I slept most of the time and enjoyed it! Would do it again anytime!!


SaraH - March 31

starlight_94, While anything beyond 37 w's is considered full term, it is not recommended that you be induced until you are at least 1-2 weeks beyond 40 weeks (the American Academy of Pediatrics). This is often b/c women’s dates can be off by a bit and you may have ovulated later in your cycle then you think. Also a pregnancy is considered full term at 37w's, but as a general rule of thumb a full term pregnancy is between 38-42 weeks. Not all babies are the same and some will be ready at 36w's were others need until 40w's. The FDA actually "prohibits" the used of Pitocine (although doc and patents still use it) before, I believe, 40w's for inductions other then those medically necessary. I am not saying that at 38w's that anything will be wrong w/ the baby or anything, however, if there is no medical reason to do an induction at that stage, I believe it is best to wait (and medical research has backed that up). It has been shown that when the baby's lungs are fully mature that they release a hormone that triggers the mother to go into labor. This doesn't mean that the baby wont be fine and able to breath if induced, but it does mean that it may be better to wait if you have no reason for it. I'm not against inductions, however, 38w's IS early (just b/c your considered full term does not mean that you are. It pretty much means that if you go into labor on your own they’re not worried about it being early. Ask the majority of doc's, ask the AAP, look it up on-line, in medical journals, ect. it is considered early to induce before 40w’s w/o a medical reason and it is not recommended. Most doc’s wont induce at 38w's w/o a medical reason and as I said it's actually "forbidden" by the FDA to use the drugs needed to induce you). Anyways, good luck nicole and I hope your induction goes smoothly.


Carly67 - April 3

A Bio Physical Sono can tell a lot of things about the baby. I am 39 weeks and had one last night. This is my fourth baby and he is already 8lbs 9 oz and did very well on the scoring of his bio physical sono and my doctor would like to induce for a number of reasons either Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Those reasons are the size of the baby as my third was 8lbs 12 oz and had his shoulders get stuck among the most important.



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