Bell S Palsy

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SusanS - June 6

Has anyone suffered from Bell's Pulsy after their pregnancy? How long did it last? Once the symptoms subsided, were you back to "normal?" This temporary paralysis due to nerves can be scary. I am curious to learn about other people's experiences. You know prenant women are a lot more susceptible to getting it than non pregnant women. My neurologist said 7 out of 10 post partum women get it - FREAKY! I guess it all comes with the territory of being a Mommy :o)


1Sttimemomy - June 6

when i was about five years old i had BP and it went away in about 2wks.Does this make me more prone to get it after i have my baby .I don't really remember it but my mom told me the story she came to pick me up from my granny's house and half of my face was hanging like it was paralized.I had no idea that it happened to post.prego women .


3babies - June 6

Hi Susan. I am a physio in womens health so have seen a few women with bells palsy post partum or during their pregnancy. Most make a full recovery within about 6 months. I think you might have misunderstood your neurologist statistics, because that is definitely not correct. He may have meant that 7 out of 10 cases that he sees are post partum related. There is no way that 70% of postpartum women get it. The stats are something less than 5% from memory. Good luck and speedy recovery!


3babies - June 6

Oh sorry I wanted to say too, that it is like everything else in pregnancy, that some women are only very briefly and mildly affected, others are more severe and can take longer to recover. Sometimes your neuro cant even predict the duration.


SusanS - June 7

I think you are right, 3babies, that sounds more like it. Thanks for your input. My case is mild, I still have control over my eye but it does not close completely and I dont blink fully with it. My neuro said to keep an eye on it because my eye can dry.



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