Belly Button Embarassment

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Emily - November 14

Ladies, don't laugh, but I am 28 weeks and on baby 3. For the first time ever in my life, my belly button is protruding and poking out like a well done thermometer in a turkey or something! It KILLS and is so tender. What is up with this? You can see it though my shirt. I don't really mind seeing it, but boy does it hurt.


YC - November 14

You poor thing. My older sister had the same thing happen. She had to wear a band aid over it cause it hurt when it rubbed agaist her shirt. Hope it stops soon.


LN - November 15

My husband likes to joke about mine. He calls it a ski slope b/c only the top part of mine is popped out. Mine doesn't hurt though. I've even mentioned wearing a band aid but haven't actually done it. It's just a part of pregnancy I guess.


lisa - November 15

can you imagin I had a phobia of my belly b___ton before I got preg. (it was a inny) but If anybody poked me there I would freak out. Now it sticks out an looks like pigs nose!! I cant stand it, I tried the band-aid thing but you can still see it through my shirts. Its completly ugly and I cant wait to get my belly back!!


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 15

Mine popped out at about 7 months prego. It took a few weeks after delivery to go back in. It did not hurt though.


Jen - November 15

I happen to think that this is one of the cutest things that happens to a pregnant woman! Of course, I do not feel this way about how mine looks, but on other women I love it. If it really bothers you, try wearing an undershirt a size or 2 too small- this really helps with the "raw" feeling, and also helps to hold and support your belly and b___bies! It has worked well for me!


To Emily! - November 16

Hi Emily! you might have a herniated belly b___ton- One of the many joys of having babies. I have a good size hernia and it sticks out and hurts often. ( I am having baby #4) I am almost 38wks pregnant and my OB's' sent me to see a general surgeon who will repair it after I recover from having the baby (6-8 wks). The biggest worry during pregnancy is that your intestines can become strangulated if they pop out. If this happens you will be in sooo much pain it will send you to the ER for emergency surgery. Definately have your OB take a look. They can diagnose you by looking and seeing if they can stick their finger in there. Oh the joys of motherhood! Good Luck to you!!


Jessie K - November 17

Mine too!



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